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    Does anyone know which is a better food Merrick or Fromm ?


    Hound Dog Mom

    They’re both good foods. Why not rotate between the two brands?



    Here’s just thought that I’d like to share with you: Don’t agonize on it that much because they are both fine foods from good companies. The proof with be in the way your ONE dog does on that food! I have agonized over trying to choose the perfect food for my dog until I’m blue in the face only to have that food I chose not work for my dog. Just buy a variety, keep your receipt for the possible return of the product and feed it and see how it goes. I think that if I were you I was start with Merrick because it’s available at Petco which takes EVERYTHING back if it doesn’t work. For me, the Fromm is something that only one little store carries that doesn’t allow you to return a food. Good luck! :)



    Thanks everyone you are all super helpful its really appreciated !! Seriously takes the pressure off finding the perfect food.



    Hello, I have a 9 month old Bernese mtn dog and have just realized that his hot spots are probably more of a yeast issue. I had brought him to the vet about the sore red pimples and what appeared to be a hot spot. The vet put him on Keflex and prednisone. He also gave him drops for a possible ear infection since Ozzie kept shaking his head and scratching at his ear. The sores cleared up for a short time but are coming back and he is still shaking his head. I was feeding him From grain free game recipe and had just started a new rotation of Merrick grain free duck and sweet potato. And the sores on his belly look so much worse! I dont know what to do. I feel like if i go to the vet , he will just put him back on steroids :( That will just fix the problem for now. I though duck was a good choice for allergies? Is duck or sweet potato the problem re yeast? He had problem with diarrhea in the past and was fed boiled chicken and no problem with chicken. any ideas? So lost and feeling so bad for my dog. We supplement every morning with probiotics and coconut oil. Although , I think we have only been giving him about 1 tsp and he weighs close to 100 lbs. I will increase that.



    Go to the dog food ingredients forum here, on top, you’ll see a stickie with grain and white potato free foods. That might be a good place to start. Keep in mind, you’ll need to watch everything your dog eats, including treats & supplements. With one of mine, I have to be very careful….he gets one type of salmon oil because most others have preservatives that I don’t know if its soy based (he can’t have soy).

    Also, you mentioned not wanting to go to the vets because they’ll put him on steroids. You are the dog owner, you can say NO.

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