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    Melinda M

    My 18 mos old lab was eating Merrick and would go crazy for the food & would bark for an hour until u would feed her. However, she would have loose stool toward the end of almost every BM and had TERRIBLE gas!!! so after 4 mos of being on Merrick, we decided to switch over to Earthborn. She has been on Earthborn for a few weeks and there is a huge change in her feeding habits. Instead of going after the food with all the excitement she has and eating every last kibble– she barely eats the Earthborn. She will eat some but will leave a lot at each feeding. She will eat the rest of it later when I give it to her. Before when she was on the Merrick it was like she couldn’t get enough and couldn’t get the kibble down fast enough. Should I try another food? I need a dry kibble that is high in protein because she is working at retrieving dead ducks right now 🙂 any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Maybe she was real hungry on the Merrick, that’s why she barked to be feed, now the Earthborn is filling her more, has her loose stool & gas stopped on the Earthborn….Has she lost any weight?? My boy would only go nuts for food when he was real hungry….A lot of people recommend “Victor” grainfree….

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    Melinda M

    Susan –
    We have had the same thoughts. She has been a “food hound” ever since she was a puppy. I would just like to know if the Earthborn is doing a better job at keeping her full or if she just doesn’t like it. And yes the loose stools have improved and gas is a rarity now. She has loose stools when I give her a pig/cows ear. Is this normal?

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    Hi Melinda M-
    I’m curious as to which variety and flavor of Merrick you were feeding and the same question for the Earthborn that you are now feeding? Both brands offer both with grain and grain free with many flavors. Did you compare the calories and/or the guaranteed analysis between the two foods.

    They are both good brands. I’m glad to hear that she is doing better on the new food. Hopefully she is just not as hungry rather than her not liking it.

    And yes, loose stools after a pig or cow’s ear is fairly common. They both are a little on the fatty side.

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