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    Debbie I

    I just switched to this food from royal canin because i could not afford the $94 a bag , NOW i just heard Purina bought Merrick, I will NOT support purina at all !!! Can you please recommend another fish limited ingredient diet dry dog food ?? i am soooo upset over this, she was doing so well with this food – ugh !! How is Natures receipe brand ?? is that related to purina at all ??? Thanks so much

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    Debbie I

    Maybe Wellness simple ?? this seems to have almost the same ingredients. I saw your review for this but it say last update 4/2014 ?? thanks

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    Tina B

    I agree with you.. I love the Merrick foods but they have gone over to the dark side. I won’t support Purina either. Are you going to continue supporting Merrick foods in the Editors Choice

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    I’m actually a frequent user of Nature’s Variety Instinct limited ingredients formulas. If that doesn’t work, Zignature has many limited ingredient formulas including fish.

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    Joe S

    I use Victor Yukon river

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    Depending on what level of protein you are looking for, here are some suggestions: Canidae Pure, Pro Pac Ultimates Grain Free, Nutrisource Seafood Select, Grandma Lucy’s Valor Fish, The Honest Kitchen Zeal, and Zignature.

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    Fromm is budget friendly and has no affiliations with Purina products, in fact, it has been a family owned business for five generations.

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    Debbie I

    Thank you all i would LOVE to use Fromm but they do not offer limited ingredients 🙁 , I will look at the other brands you all recommended. Thank so much. I am very unhappy about merrick merge

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    Robin W

    Debbie I, I’m switching from Merrick also, same reason you are.

    Just checked Life’s Abundance, they have 5 Star Canned (no grain unless you count oat hulls, and no carrageenen–yay) AND their Grain Free is also 5 star. They are a good company. Funny thing about them, I asked about getting rid of the carrageenen & they did, also in the same post about concerns with rice having arsenic & if they had grain free. Now they do all that.

    Will probably be alternating with Orijen Adult, which has the smallest amount of fish of their products according to Orijen (they answer questions in facebook posts), because my dogs are spoiled & like variety now & then.

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    Steve M

    I like Merrick too but now will not buy because of Purina. I strongly believe their “BENEFUL” helped kill one of my greyhounds and made one of my present ones contract liver disease. Every time I see someone buying it in the market I stop them and tell them about the law suits against Purina.

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    Kathleen C

    I was thinking about going back to the Natures Variety too, also looked at Wellness Ocean again but they are owned by Berwind which bought Well Pet out (Wellness) years ago. Berwind was or is a coal mining corp. So many questions so few answers. Dog food is more confusing than what I eat.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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