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    Anna S

    I don’t see much difference between these two. I have started the switch from Grasslands kibble to Merrick Lamb Grainfree kibble and two of my hairless of four seem to be having more allergy symptoms. Does anyone have any idea of what the difference is. Are there more preservatives in Merrick?

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    there are a lot of people who have issues with merrick, and they aren’t very responsive for customer service, and there aren’t many apparent reasons for the issues.

    I haven’t compared exact ingredients, but you could look closely and see where the differences are

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    Valerie M


    I have been feeding the Merrick grain free Buffalo and sweet potatos. Not sure I like it. Dogs did better on Innovo The below quote may help regarding gastro issues. One of my 3 has loose stools and now I think I know why.

    link quote >> The only negative thing that people have to say about this food is that some dogs suffer gastrointestinal problems after eating it. This may be a result of adjusting to a new food brand. Overall, this food is highly recommended.

    Read the posts that go with the link. I am looking for another food after reading the comments on th link I attached. , and was looking at Wellnes bc it is made local for me, and is organic and no GMO’s. I think I’ll look at Acana too. Its hard to find around here but I am not happy with what I am reading now about Merrick, and your comment that your dog seems to be having more allergies lines up with my experience. I wish this was easier. My dog was way more energetic on Innovo. Huge difference when we switched to that from Solid Gold, but it was recalled and pulled so we switched to Merrick. That has been so so for us. I have a labradoodle, a mini schnauzer and a border collie hound mix.

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    I have tried several Merrick products as and they did not agree with my crew. If they did I would use in rotation.

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    Anna S

    It did not work out with my pack. Back to Acana Ranchlands/Grasslands. I was uncomfortable about the little bone fragment I found in a kibble, but oh well. There is no such thing as a perfect kibble.

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