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    Hi all, first want to thank ya’ll for all the great info you supply here. Have been gathering nutrition info for about a year now and have some major budgeting concerns regarding planning cooked meals for my two dogs. Background: Eldest dog, Gracie is 12 y.o./55# (she is much bigger than standard Aussie) and has major yeast and anxiety problems. Found an alt vet last March who prescribed a variety of chinese herb powders which have significantly helped both problems but still a work in progress. Second dog, Tonto is about 3-1/2 (turned up at my front door emaciated last year and ended up part of our family). He weighs about 60 and is experiencing airborne allergies, due for vet check tomorrow for further input. Both are Aussie mixes.

    Foodwise, they were on a mix of the 5-star dry no-grain dog foods since beginning of last year, then began adding the usual recommended toppers plus supplements and then transitioned to all-cooked meals over the last three months. It’s quickly begun taking a lot of my time to prepare meals, so this evening I sat down to figure out my monthly cost. Until now I would go out and buy enough food for a week so the cost bite wasn’t so noticeable.

    I knew it was getting too costly but the final tally ended up being $15/day for two dogs! Way, way too much. In addition to the food, there are the supplemental herbs and now monthly visits to the alt vet to check progress which should end once both dogs level off with their itchies.

    I’ve removed cottage cheese, carrots and rice which make great fillers because both dogs’ itchies worsened. So more meat takes the place.

    My question to you is this, if I switch back to at least level 4-star dry dog food and toppers what would you suggest would be the right ratio between the both?

    Gracie’s daily calorie target: 1037, Tonto’s daily calorie target: 1280
    Here is a sample 1-day meal divided into two meals for Gracie:
    — Chicken Liver pate, (chicken liver smothered then pureed): 2 TBSP 47 Cal
    — Chicken Hearts, (lightly smothered then chopped fine): 1-1/2C 402 Cal
    — Turkey, Ground; 93% Lean: 1-1/4C 425 Cal
    — Mixed Veggies, 1 Cup Cooked then pureed: 40 Cal
    — Pumpkin, Canned; 2 TBSP: 13 Cal
    — Berries, 1/2 C: 36 Cal
    — Alternate Every Day: Either 1-Egg or 1/2 tin Sardines in Water: 65-72 Cal
    — Supplements include, Probiotics, 1/2 tsp finely ground eggshells, 1-multi, fish oil or coconut oil.

    I’d be interested in your input as well as hearing what your average cost per day is for two medium sized dogs! Thanks so much.

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