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    Marcus P

    Hey All,

    Wondering if anyone can help out. I am looking at getting a new Mastiff puppy and dont know what the best food choices are for a giant breed. I do know that the breeder has been feeding him Victor Super Premium since 7 weeks. He is now around 8 weeks. From my research on the Forums so far I have found that the calcium levels in this food may be to high? I was looking at Earthborn Holistics (meadow feast and/or costal catch). Is that a good substitute for the Victor, or am I way off base? Is it necessary to add anything to the dry food like some kind of wet food? Also, I had always believed that big dogs should be fed from elevated bowls, but I have found that this may also not be the case as it may increase the chance of bloat? Due to the need to regulate a giant breed dogs calcium intake what type of treats and bones can they have? Is there anything I am missing that I also need to know about feeding a giant breed? Sorry about all the questions, I just want to make sure I do right by the little guy and he is with us for as long as possible. Thanks for any help.

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    Go to the “Diet and Health issues” forum here; there is a stickie highlighted in yellow there with large breed nutrition.

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    The problem with bloat, is how poorly it’s understood. I followed all the guidelines and still ran into it; changed nothing, hasn’t recurred. IMO, the least-likely cause is an elevated food dish. Wishing I had one right now due to a herniated lumbar disk, it’d be easier to pick up. Practical owner concerns aside, if your pup eats faster from an elevated dish I would suggest not using one. Otherwise, I doubt it’s a factor, or that it’s something large-breed dogs somehow “need” according to anyone who doesn’t sell them.

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