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    Has anyone else heard this latest casualty with the dog food industry. So it’s going to make what I consider a lousy food (so many reviews of dogs getting sick from different bags) to a really bad food. Another one bites the dust. Any thoughts.

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    I’m not surprised but to be honest, I don’t care. Never fed Blue, now I definitely. Never will.

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    I saw that last night. I have never fed Blue either and i wouldn’t even if it was given to me for free. It’s already a bad food with so many dogs getting sick and the fact that they use different co packers. I can’t imagine how much worse it’s going to get!

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    I tried it once when it first came to my area and my dogs wouldn’t eat it. The dog that ate everything wouldn’t eat the Lifesource Bits. It’s the only food I have ever known of my vet actively recommending against. I never tried it again after the first time and never wanted to, so I wouldn’t care if Diamond made it.

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    I haven’t heard about this… I may need to research it some, but Dori, do you know when this is supposed to happen?

    And I have fed Blue Buffalo Wilderness before with good results on Bruno, and thought (before the Purina lawsuit) that I would feed it again one day if I ever exhaust the huge number of other foods I want to try, but I guess not anymore. Plus, there are so much better, meat-based, cheaper kibbles out there I’d choose over BB anyway. So long, BB, you were good to us while we had you. Sucks it made so many dogs sick though, I guess my friend and I were lucky as our dogs never got sick on Blue. But I wouldn’t feed it after the whole Purina lawsuit thing that apparently proved that BB had used sub-par ingredients in their food and not noting that on the labels, and after Mars buys them out.

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    Susan S

    I have a Siberian Husky and on a Facebook Husky page someone recommended this website but also several foods and one of them was Blue. So today, before I really started reading the details on this website I bought a bag of Blue Wilderness Salmon Recipe. I also bought 3 different types of their can food, as my dog likes to have soft food mixed in with the kibble, or so I have always thought (or done this in order to get him to eat the food. Also until recently I was in financial constraints and bought what I thought was good dog food like Iams who has recently come out with a grain free salmon food, that my dog has seemed to like fairly well). But when I fed him the Blue Salmon recipe tonight, with a little of the salmon & chicken canned food by Blue Wilderness, he went right to it and ate it all up. This is not typical for him. So, I am very disappointed to read so many poor opinions of this company. What might be the best salmon based dog food (since he seems to enjoy the salmon foods I have given him so far). He is abnout 11 years old, BTW, and in pretty good health, most think he is much younger). I just joined Editor’s choice, but at this time I don’t feel any less confused than I did before I joined (it is late though and I am tired). I hope someone can enlighten me and help me make the decision for next month easier.

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    Hi Susan. I don’t feed my dogs kibble so I may not be of too much help. A lot of long time posters feed and speak very highly of Victor Dog Food. They make one called Yukon which is their salmon formula. Check out Victor’s on DFA and read peoples reviews and go to Victor’s web site to check them out. It’s a grain free food also. I hope this has helped.

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    Naturella. They haven’t announced a time frame yet, just that it’s in the works.

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