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    I happily have gotten my 3-year-old chocolate lab down from 92 pounds in May to a current weight of 75 pounds. My question now is, do I keep giving him the same amount of calories, or do I slowly increase the amount I give him. A vet told me that the current amount of calories would be his number of calories forever. However, he has been getting only 776 calories per day. Will he still lose weight or start to maintain? The 776 calories doesn’t seem like enough, but maybe it is. Thanks!

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    The only way to know is to keep feeding him that amount and see if he keeps his current weight. If he keeps losing, then add just a little bit and wait and see again. Activity level will also change the amount of calories that he needs to maintain his weight. Plus, muscle burns more calories than fat, so if he starts adding muscle, he could need more food to maintain.

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