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    Hi guys,

    Have a 10 month old lab that the vet wants me to try on a turkey only ingredient diet. Looking at Zignature and Nulo Freestyle. Any preference between the two? One better for a large breed pup perhaps?

    Both seem great but Nulo is certainly pricier of the two.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I would rather starve my dogs than give them yeast culture and Dried Bacillus Coagulans Fermentation Product. The whole probiotic rage that doctors are still trying to push cuz you replace or increase the good bacteria in the gut? No such thing, never proven and is now being taken off the shelves for humans.

    Zignature, all the way, to forever. My dogs don’t look that way cuz of my kisses!

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    So not a fan of the probiotics in Nulo?

    You like the zignature though huh? The dicalcium in it is OK? Seen some things that say it could cause kidney stones. Not sure on the research behind that though.

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    You would still need to contact the company regarding foods being appropriate for large breed puppies, but Earthborn Holistic Venture is an LID diet.

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    Do you prefer Earthborn over zignature or Nulo?

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    I prefer pumpkin or peas over chickpeas and lentils or at least not have chickpeas or lentils as the main carb.

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    So a vote for Earthborn and a vote for zignature.

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    Hi LuckyLab-
    Curious why your vet thinks your pup needs a turkey only diet? Are you doing an elimination type diet?

    My dogs did really well on PureVita’s turkey and sweet potato formula. It’s just a bit too expensive to feed it to my two large labs regularly.

    I’m not sure if it is appropriate for a large breed puppy though. You’d have to check on that. Best wishes!

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    Hi Crazy4cats,

    She’s not married to turkey specifically. She just wants to put him on more of a cooling diet and see if it calms some of his tummy issues. She said turkey, kangaroo and even pork would all be OK.

    She suggested we try a Ltd Ingredient diet to see if that helps and go from there. He’s just had some gas and has been throwing up bile in the middle of the morning. Spoke to a zignature rep today in a local pet store she gave us a free bag of the kangaroo and said we can swap between the flavors once he’s transitioned and pointed out what meats were more mild (whitefish, pork, turkey, kangaroo).

    Ill check out purevita as well. Thanks!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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