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    Lori J

    Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations for a reg dog food (non grain free) that has sodium under 100mg per 100 kcals? My Ted has heart disease and also seems to be sensitive to chicken ( licking paws ) He has been on a limited ingredient grain free Bison food .Due to the FDA looking into grain free food linked to heart disease I wanted to try him on something like Beef & rice or something w/o chicken and having a hard time finding something. All suggestions are appreciated!

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    Per the search engine /forums/topic/good-low-sodium-food-for-heart-problem/#post-108543

    Best to check with the dog food companies, as things change, not sure how accurate this is.
    Also, run it by your vet, I suspect prescription/therapeutic diet is being recommended.

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    Lori J

    Thanks so much anon. I have seen that post before. I have researched & email dog food companies for the last 2 years. I am just having a hard time finding something now that is not grain free and doesnt contain chicken.
    The cardiologist has said regular diet at this time as dogs do not like the rx food so that is what Ted has been on the last 2 years since being diagnosed w heart disease. I just like to keep the sodium down and not feed him something that has a very high sodium amount.

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    Cathy B

    Hi Lori, here is a recipe from Dr. Judy Morgan’s book on a heart healthy diet.
    1lb beef cubed or ground
    1lb beef heart cubed or ground
    3oz beef liver cubed or ground
    2 eggs without shell
    4oz carrot grated or processed
    2oz kale finely chopped or processed
    1TBS fresh ginger root grated or processed
    Add 2 (canned) sardines at time of feeding

    This diet can ground and mixed together, baked at 325 for 30-45 min in a loaf or square baking dish, cooked on low 4-6 hours in a slow cooker, or fed raw.

    Good treats for dogs with heart disease include pieces of freeze dried heart, green tripe, or liver, carrots, hard boiled eggs and baked kale chips.

    Raw goat milk is high in Taurine and makes a great addition.

    Add 1/2 tsp finely ground egg shell to every pound of meat

    Her wed site has LOTS of info on how to treat and keep your pets healthy.

    Her new book has a lot of info on heart disease and recipes

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    Kathleen Q

    I found it, believe me, there is a lot of replies on this subject. I live in a rural area with only 2 grocery stores. I cannot find beef heart or Liver, unless it is a big package. I was told too much liver is not good. Sardines at the time of feeding, meaning do not add them until your dishing out the rest? I think I would vomit at the smell of sardines. I love Dr.Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl, it is easy and loaded with many natural veggies. On his site if you read the ingredients it has the best natural veggies and other ingredients that are healthy including dandelion. I find mixing a couple scoops of that to boiled chicken, or Turkey, is good for Molly. She does not seem to like beef as much. Also due to her age she will not eat food with a squirt of good Salmon Oil anymore as she is getting older and we get a little fussier.

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    Cathy B

    I HATE sardines, but feed them to these in spring water because they’re healthy for them to eat. She said if you cook the sardines they stink really bad. No thanks!

    I just give these a spoon each a few times per wk. I’ve fed Dr. Harvey’s veg-to-bowl fine ground and have his Canine health right now. You can totally trust his food!

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