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    Tracy O

    Can anyone suggest a low protein food that I don’t have to get from my vet? Right now my yorkie is on a Purina low protein prescription and his allergies are back. Previously he was eating Instinct with Raw bits. But since his diagnosis he can’t have a high protein diet. So now that seems to leave me with all these grain foods which upsets his allergies again. The food he is on now is 12% protein. Any suggestions?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Tracy O –

    I’m not sure what the specific protein level is that your veterinarian would recommend but you won’t find a commercial product with less than 18% dry matter protein as that’s the minimum level allowed by AAFCO. A brand I’d recommend checking out is Addiction. They have several allergy-friendly dehydrated foods which I believe are all between 18% and 22% protein (low for a commercial product). Because your dog is requiring severe protein restriction it is crucial that the protein he does get is very high quality, therefore I’d strongly suggest avoiding kibble. Kibble is highly processed and with most lower protein kibbles the majority of the protein is low quality and plant-derived. Dehydrated foods like Addiction are much less processed. An even better option would be a homemade diet utilizing fresh, human-grade meat if it’s something you could do and that your veterinarian would be willing to help you out with. There’s a company called Balance It that your veterinarian can use to generate a custom recipe for you dog. Another option is a company called Rayne that makes fresh Rx diets (many have limited ingredients and I believe they do custom meals as well).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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