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    I have a English Bulldog/Beagle Mix. I just found out yesterday she cannot process or digest fats of any kind. I’ve had her since she was a puppy and she has had chronic digestive issues since I got her. So now that I know what her issues are, I am looking for a dry dog food that has a low fat content. Right now the vet has her on rice and boiled turkey or chicken until her system settles down. She has been really sick the past few weeks. Although the vet did mention her weight is perfect but I may have problems keeping the weight on her in the future.

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    Above, in the red line, click library, then “suggested low fat foods”

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    Ask your vet about adding coconut oil to the food. It is a medium chain triglyceride and is digested differently than other fats. Dogs with pancreas and certain liver issues usually do very well with it added to their food to make up for the regular fat that is missing.

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    Can’t digest any fats ? What is the diagnosis?

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