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    Really interested as to if any of you have found any canned foods out there that are low carb. I have an 11 mo pit with a yeast infection under his nail beds and aside from the foot soaks and anti-fungal meds, I’m trying to prevent/combat this with his diet. I’m going to be switching him from NV Instinct Raw Boost to Orijen Regional Red for his dry, but I have to feed him wet as well. I am having a hard time finding a canned food without tons of carbs, mainly potatoes. Any thoughts?


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    Hi pitlove,
    What do you consider low-carb? The Orijen Regional Red has about 28% carbs on a dry matter basis. It seems that most canned dog foods have similar carb readings, as canned foods tend to be much lower in carbs than kibble. So I would say to browse around some of the high-quality canned foods, and find one that looks good. You can look at the DFA review to see the carb content, or if you are considering a formula that is not the one highlighted in the review and want an exact reading, then you can manually calculate the carb content. First, use this system to find the as-served carb content: /choosing-dog-food/dog-food-carbohydrate-content/
    Then, use this system to convert it to dry matter basis: /choosing-dog-food/dry-matter-basis/
    Good luck! 😀

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    Bobby dog

    Hi pitlove:
    I have a list of LC canned foods for my dog that my local stores carry. I think the lowest on DMB is 6%. What % are you looking for? Some may have potatoes since I feed a rotational diet I feed a variety of different recipes, but some may be what you are looking for.

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    Basically I keep noticing potatoes being used for a lot of canned foods, even ones that he really likes such as Whole Earth Farms, within the first 5 ingredients. I suppose I made the assumption that if it was in the first 5 ingredients it would go against me in terms of fixing this yeast problem. I guess I’m looking for an idea of % carbs would be too high for a dog with a yeast infection to start with.

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    so that food is only 1% carbs?!…I’ve seen a few that are around 10%. That seemed good to me, but I’m finding it hard to understand how potatoes can be so high on the list but this food is 1% carbs only

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    Lol, I’m pretty sure that was a typo, and that it’s supposed to be 10%. I could be wrong, but it seems rather unlikely for a food to be 1% carb. 🙂

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    rofl ya I feel like that was a typo..there is no way. Still though, 10% seems damn good

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    Yeah, I think Wellness Core would be a good option. I’m going to comment on the review and ask about the typo.

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    Bobby dog

    I am not sure if there is a magic number I can give you; every dog is different. I feed about half kibble the rest canned, raw, or fresh foods and I have had success aiming for moderate to low carbs. I have had to play around with my dog’s diet due to skin issues. I am happy to say after close to a year of lots of elbow grease and tweaking his diet he has healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

    Here’s my list and carb %’s on a DMB using the data from each company’s website:
    Fromm’s Shredded Beef 22%
    Merrick Golden Years Medley 8%
    Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials LID GF Chic/Broth 11%
    Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials LID GF Lamb/Broth 11%
    Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials tub LID Duck 11%
    Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials tub LID Venison 11%
    Nature’s Recipe tub GF Chic & Duck 8%
    Nature’s Recipe tub GF Chic & Venison in broth 8%
    Nature’s Recipe tub Chicken in broth 6%
    Nature’s Recipe tub Chic & Turkey in broth 11%
    Nature’s Recipe GF Chic & Turkey stew 22%
    Nature’s Recipe GF Chic & Venison Stew 22%
    Tiki Dog Kauai Luau 8%
    Tiki Dog Lahaina Luau 13%
    Tiki Dog Maui Luau 17%
    Tiki Dog Tonga Luau 11%
    Wellness Core Weight Management 16%
    Wellness Stews 17%
    Weruva Marbella Paella 7.2%
    Weruva Bed & Breakfast 23.6%
    Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken 9.7%

    There are more foods out there, these are just local to me. Here is a site you can use to find carb %’s on a dry matter basis:

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    thank you very much. that is a helpful list. and ya i wasnt necessarily looking for that perfect number, just curious as to if there is some range people like to stay within or dont like to go over for dogs with skin problems. seems like the highest one that i see repeated is around 22%. I was thinking about staying under 20%, but 22% wouldn’t be terrible. I can start from there.

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    Bobby dog

    I don’t worry too much anymore about a percentage(s) here and there since I have figured out the ranges I need to be in at least in this stage of Bobby’s life. A rotational diet helps to make up for anything over/under my ideal numbers. However, when I started to figure out what works best for him I had luck going for the lowest % in whatever category I was trying to lower, staying in that range for a few months, then slowly increasing %’s over a few months time to see how he did with the increase in %’s and different foods.

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    Bobby dog

    One other company to check out is Lotus. I used to feed their Just Juicy and Wholesome recipes, but the pet store stopped carrying them. If I remember right they are fairly low carb too.

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    I have a yeasty dog who finally cleared up on raw.
    Wysong makes a low or no carb food; unsure what type of food it is.

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    Thanks guys! really appreciate the help

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    Alex p

    Many proactive, integrative, and holistic veterinarians have long recognized the nutritional drawbacks to commercially available dry pet food.

    Most popular dry formulas don’t contain clean ingredients – those approved for human consumption – and they aren’t biologically balanced for obligate carnivores (cats), and scavenging carnivores (dogs).

    However, in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, we saw the production of better quality dry foods that contained more diverse ingredients. Coincidentally, during this same period, pet owners began to see the benefits of home-cooked diets because they could control the quality of the food they fed their dog or cat.

    Although improvements to commercial dry pet foods addressed some of the quality control issues — and began to address the biological appropriateness of ingredients – they didn’t address one important fact. Companion animals were still consuming an entirely dead, inorganic, over-processed diet that was extruded and cooked at very high temperatures, rendering it devoid of any of the health benefits of living foods.

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    If you are going to quote Dr. Karen Becker, please give her credit for her words.


    This is an old thread and I’m no longer looking for advice on this subject. Thanks.

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