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    My 8yr old welsh terrier got her blood work back:
    Low red blood count, indicating a spleen issue(?)
    Low albumin, indicating a liver issue and protein absorption issue ..maybe leaky gut?
    There are 6 other blood abnormalities according to my vet…as I don’t have the blood report, yet.

    Other issues:
    Growing mammary tumors that don’t seem to bother her when touched (she was spayed prior to first heat cycle.) She has a few other masses that don’t seem to bother her – in the upper pit of her back right leg and the backside of her left leg.

    She’s very itchy. Not sure if it’s a food allergy or possible cancer-related itchiness?

    She’s still pretty spunky but is more listless and seems more depressed than her usual self.

    DIET questions???
    I fed her purina pro plan sensitive stomach “select” for years until late September (2013) when she stopped eating it (throughout late august/early September). She also got very bloated like she was filled with excess liquid. She had diarrhea for a few days, the vet put her on antibiotics, which seems to help to reduce the bloat, but her mammary tumors which the vet thought could have been swollen glands, continued to grow. I switched her to Acana rangelands (high protein) beef formula and have since eased her into Origin’s fish formula in the morning and the Origin fish formula + Primal raw food at night. She’s less hungry in the morning and will eat well at night. She’s starting to show signs of weight loss.

    My vet seems to want to address the tumors first. And am going to call him tomorrow about nutritional options… Wondering what you all think – would probiotics be a good thing? If so what kind? Should I feed her more raw food to ramp up her protein intake? Could the liver issues be the cause of the tumors? I have a hard time picturing what sort of food could help the lumps/tumors, but have you all found such a thing?

    There is a lot to address! – liver then tumors… Or try to tackle both at the same time? Nutrition for albumin and liver, biopsy of tumors?

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