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    Dawn R

    Does anyone know which 5 star dry foods have small kibble? I bought Orijen and Acana and it’s way to big for my new puppy, she stared at it confused after eating Stella and Chewys dehydrated for a few days. I want to be able to feed the new puppy as many types of food as possible ( raw, canned, dehydrated, dry).

    Please let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks….


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    Acana has a small breed puppy one in their classic line. Their kibble in that one is really small if you want to try.

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    Fromm Four Star grain free is smaller than the average kibble. Also, I believe, Now! Is also small.

    Check out the Wellness small/toy breed also. Their Core line has a small breed one too. But I don’t know if it is for ALS.

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    If you live in the states, you won’t be able to get Acana Classics

    Maybe Earthborn Puppy?

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    Dawn R

    Thanks…I’m headed to the pet supply today.

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    Hi Dawn-
    I feed my dogs Victor grain free with joint mantenance. It is basically the same as the all life stages grain free except it has added glucosamine and chondroitin. The one I feed has tiny kibble so I’m assuming the all life stages one would be small as well. I think it is one of the most affordable 5 star grain free foods you can buy. Have fun at the pet supply!

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    Nutrisource small/med breed puppy, Nutrisource grain free Lamb, Nature’s Select Hi-Pro, Amicus, Nature’s Logic, Simply Nourish Small Breed.

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    Victor has teeny kibbles, Holistic Health Extension Small/Toy Breed has teeny kibbles too. My dog was 5lbs or so when we adopted him, he was very small, but was able to eat Blue Buffalo Wilderness with no problem. I haven’t ever fed him small breed anything since the first food he was on – Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Puppy. Since then he’s been on:
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness
    Dr. Tim’s (largest kibble he’s ever had)
    Holistic Health Extension
    Earthborn Holistic
    Now! Fresh
    Victor (smallest kibble he’s ever had)
    Nature’s Variety Instinct
    Annamaet samples (good size, close to Victor)
    NutriSource samples (close to HHE)
    TOTW samples (close to HHE/BBW)
    Nulo sample (a bit bigger than BBW)

    Overall Bruno has managed to deal with all kibble sizes just fine. But you can check out Victor and other small breed varieties of good 5-star foods. 🙂

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    Of the above, Victor, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Dr. Tim’s, Nutrisca, Now! Fresh, Annamaet, and Nulo are 5 stars. Earthborn Holistic (the Grain Free ones) and TOTW are 4.5 stars I think.

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    Dawn R

    Thanks for the info. I ended up picking the Wellness Core small breed which are pretty small triangular kibble, and then found a bag of Brothers Allergy in my pantry that I totally forgot about.

    When I was at the pet supply I noticed several brands are now including a picture of the kibble size on the fold of the bag. I think it was Merrick…. I thought this was a great idea to post the actual size otherwise most people would squeeze the bag and try to estimate the size inside.

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    Hi, …I came across this posting re Wellness:

    “…I thought about Wellness Core reduced fat but decide not to try it after I read the report from *********** Project…..

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