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    Brittany D

    Acana does not offer puppy food and I know my two dogs really like Acana so we will eventually switch to it when Dexter is fully grown but I need a puppy food for him he is only 7 months old. We recently rescued him and he was emaciated when he was rescued by the orginzation and he was still quite underweight when we adopted him just a few weeks ago. He is doing much better now and is only still slightly underweight but he is growing well (rib cage is actually looking more normal instead of very thin and small). Dexter appears to be a Scottish Terrier+Poodle mix. I haven’t weighed him recently but I know he’s at least 8 pounds.

    I am only buying high quality food such as Acana, Orijen, Wellness Core, etc. I am going by the rating system here on DFA and am choosing 4+ star dog foods only. It seems odd though that all of the 5 star foods that DFA has reviewed do not offer puppy foods. Is this common?

    I’d prefer to have a dog food that is completely gluten-free as I myself have Celiac Disease and am very sensitive to gluten so handling the food and receiving doggy kisses puts me at risk of having a bad reaction if they are eating foods with gluten in them.

    So I’d prefer a grain-free OR one with Rice/potato/sweet potato, etc but no other gluten-containing grains.

    Dexter and Bentley (who is 6 years old, Yorkie) both itch a lot and have atopic dermatitis. Dexter’s is on his face and I have not seen any spots anywhere else, and Bentley’s is mainly on his back but he did have it practically everywhere on his body (just not a full blanket rash). We switched to Greenies Pill Pockets Allergen Formula and it does seem even better now with much less itching for Bentley. So he also may have an allergy to wheat (gluten) as one of the main ingredients in all of the pill pockets minus the allergen formula is wheat.

    So I think I need:
    1) gluten-free
    2) 4 or 5-star rating from DFA or one that hasn’t yet been reviewed but is on the same level quality-wise as 4 or 5 star foods DFA has already reviewed
    3) Prefer smaller kibble as my dogs are small/toy size.

    Kind of off my own topic but Bentley (6 year old yorkie) vomited whenever he ate Orijen 6Fish so I think Orijen itself is too strong somehow for Bentley so I tried Acana and they both ate it without any issue. Maybe the Orijen is too protein-rich for Bentley?

    I am hopeful you (all) will be able to help me narrow down a puppy food to give to Dexter. I prefer kibble over canned only because it is more cost effective and less work to prepare and we won’t have to worry about how long that can was in the fridge.

    I look forward to your responses. 🙂

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    All Life Stages foods are puppy foods. They meet the requirements for Growth, as laid out in the AAFCO nutrient profiles.

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    Brittany D

    Okay, I’m glad to learn that. He’s a little underweight at this point and he is 8.2 pounds (as of today) so the trial bag I have says for an 11 pound dog if they are active they should get 3/4 cup per day. And in small print next to it for a puppy his age (9-11 months) he should get 1 1/4 times the recommended adult amount. So that would be 15/16ths of a cup but since he’s not near 11 pounds is that still too much to feed him even though he is a bit underweight? I don’t want him to pack on pounds too fast and hurt him (is that possible?)

    I’m about to buy Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato as that is what they have been eating at one of the feedings per day (evening) and they seem to be doing really well on it. No excess itching, no new skin irritations, etc.

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