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    Stacey C

    Hello everyone! Brand new here and I am looking to get some helpful advice. I have 5 small dogs (3 chinese cresteds, a minpoo, and a pom) . 1 of them has many food allergies that makes changing foods a nightmare (SHE HAS BEEN TESTED) . I have had them all on Solid Gold for about 12 years. That is almost all she can eat. A while back they changed up their foods and I haven’t been happy with it since. Then I look at this site and see Solid Gold hasn’t got the best ratings to add to my unhappiness. I checked out a new pet store in the area and found Pioneer Naturals. Never heard of it before. The clerk said one of her coworkers had tried it but it was way too rich and made the dog sick. I was looking at the venison formula, or maybe bison. Can anyone weigh in on this for me? My doggies and I TIA.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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