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    Linda H

    I just joined this “Editors Choice” section – glad I did because I was spending many hours reading reviews ! I want a dry dog food that is 4 or 5 stars – possibly grain free – but I don’t want chicken and turkey at the beginning of the ingredient list. He has issues with chicken and turkey. His present food has pork and beef – so I was really happy to read about Whole Earth Farms Grain free recipe with Beef and Lamb….even though that is the name of it – the first ingredient is Pork. Well now I am going to see if it is available where the website said it is -that info sometimes not reliable, so I will call tomorrow.
    Was this company bought by Merrick ? I hope it is a good company. It is important to me that it is made where it says and not outsourced, or private labeled, or subcontracted. I want to just have confidence and stay with a company that is well established.
    I am also interested in the Hearty Beef Stew Grain free by Whole Earth Farms – canned.

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    Linda H

    OK – I joined this section to get to the good foods ! Editors choice – Whole EarthFarms Grain Free Recipe Beef and Lamb – I just read reviews on the main site here – that there is a horrendous BAD smell – and people returning the product due to the smell being so bad and dogs getting sick. Foreign objects found in the canned food and apple seeds and bones. OK back to the drawing board – 🙁

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    Linda H

    Why is dog food advisor highly and enthusiastically recommending this food ?

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    If I’m not mistaken, DFA reviews are based strictly on the ingredients and the area for feedback is in place for situations just as this.

    Have you considered Orijen Six Fish or Regional Red?

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    I can totally understand your concern. Whole Earth Farms is Merrick’s “value” brand. The grain free was recently added to Whole Earth’s line up. Merrick has always been a reputable brand and a favorite in my area. I think making this list jinxed them. Lol! It does sound like they are having some issues. I feed my dogs the grain free Victor. However, it has chicken as the third ingredient. The first ingredients are beef meal and sweet potatoes. They have several other flavors as well. Another brand that might work for you is Earthborn. They have a few grain free recipes without chicken or turkey. Good luck!

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    We usually have Nutrisource grain free Lamb in our rotation. We’ve been feeding Merrick canned foods as well for several years and haven’t had any problems. My dogs also eat Wellness stews.

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    Linda H

    Thank you everyone, I am looking up all your suggestions now !

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    cindy q

    I use Orijen regional red.

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    Cheryl M

    Hi, I used to feed our non-working farm dogs(Akita&Border Collie) Orijen and Wellness, however it was getting a little too pricey. Switched to Pulsar and even tho it’s about $52.00 for a 25lb bag, they go thru one about every 2 weeks. I hate to sound really cheap, but I’m wondering if anyone can recommend another quality brand that I could mix with the Pulsar, just to help stretch it out a bit? Thanks

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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