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    Christy K

    My 12 year old girl who used to eat anything and everything came down with HGE in November, a few weeks after getting a puppy. I was pretty good (not perfect) about making sure she didn’t eat my puppy’s food (Orien Large Puppy 16% fat) because she is overweight and will eat it all. I was feeding a mix of Kirkland Nature’s Domain (16% fat) and Authority Grain Free (22% fat) as well as fish oil for the last few years. I then switched her to Orijen Senior (15%) fat about a month or so before the puppy. I did also give her some treats more often (puppy training) but not a ton. After the first bout of HGE, I stopped the oil and she seemed great. Right after Christmas – I let her and my puppy lick some turkey drippings out of a pan and she also had a real bone (the dried kind from the feed store). I noticed a little bit of blood but solid poop. I switched her to Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal (over the course of about a week, still 1/2 and 1/2). About two weeks after I noticed her stools got looser and then real bad diahhrea. Took her to the vet the next day (after feeding straight GI food and electrolytes) and she had really bad bloody/water diarrhea. She is getting better but the vet thinks I need to switch her to a low fat diet the rest of her life.

    I am on the fence because she was eating much lower than she used to. I also saw her drinking some water in big dishes I leave out for my tortoise and chickens, which had sat out a couple weeks. I think it might be a bacterial thing. However, they messed up and never tested her stool and she now on antibiotics so I won’t ever know.

    That said, I don’t like Royal Canin GI because it’s slaughterhouse waste and I think way too low fat (5%), but I would like to get her on some lower fat food as well as a good digestive gut health food. But, most gut health foods are 12% or more. The low fat foods (dog food advisor recommended) for low fat that have lower fat are Nulo Healthy Weight and Merrick but neighter seem particularly focused on gut health. I could always get extra pre and probiticvs but it would be bnice to have them in one.

    So, – food recommendations? Pre and probiotics recommendations? Experiences with HGE?

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