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    Our 6 year old pug has a history of struvite bladder stones and following surgery to remove them she spent a year on Canine C/D. She recently developed a UTI and while diagnosing that the vet found that she had stones again. He put her on antibiotics and Canine S/D (to try to dissolve the stones). When the lab tests came back they showed that the stones were actually calcium oxalate and therefore could not be dissolved. By then she was fully on the S/D food (which she loved). The following day she started vomiting, became lethargic and shows signs of severe distress.

    The diagnosis was pancreatitis, triggered by the high fat content of the S/D food.
    5 days (and many $$$$ later) she is slowly recovering and we need to find a food that is low in fat (< 10%) yet unlikely to add to the calcium oxalate stone problem.

    Ideas are welcome.


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    I wish I could help. I had a dog with struvite crystals, never stones.

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    Have your vet go to balanceit.com and download you a personalized diet for you to make at home.

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