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    Hi. I’m the mom of a very special boy–I inherited Timber, my brother’s rescue GSD mix from rural TN, when my brother died. Timber often has diarrhea and I’ve tried many foods. Problem is, because of Timber’s nature, he hunts and eats wild critters and also drinks water from many different sources, e.g., puddles, ponds, etc. I have fecal testing done regularly and it always comes back negative. I am looking for a superior quality kibble that will calm his GI track. I have made food for many of my previous dogs, but w/5 rescues, his size (>100 lbs) and limited time, that’s not an option. Thoughts, recommendations? Many thanks.

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    Linda L

    1) Has Timber’s fecal testing included clostridium?

    2) Long time ago (7 years or more now) I had a dog that had problems like that (though he was not a opportunistic feeder on various things). We used Canidae at that time with good results and I heard that from others with dogs with similar problems.

    Can’t guarantee anything, of course.


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    Nancy C

    I have a GSD who had acute diarrhea from eating Origen and Acana. Both have lentils and chick peas so I would NOT recommend that. AFter weeks of working with a vet we finally got him onto a sensitive stomach food which he did well on. That was Purina Pro Plan for Sen Stomachs. Hated the THOUGHT of Purina but it worked well. (I have heard that their boutiquey higher end brands are much better but I do not KNOW that this is true). This food is NOT in the Groc Stores. We fed that for a month. Then the vet said move to a regular kibble. I chose DR TIMS PERSUIT and he has done beautifully on it now for 3 months. It is for an active dog. You might want to move “down” to KINESIS which is what my Golden Retriever eats and likes. But I rotate. Dr Tims has a website. his food is NOT GMO or Organic but it is made in a facility that meets European standards which are higher than the US. Try the website and read about it. I am planning to move him in Sept to RAW, simply because I am convinced it is healthier. Brothers Complete is another excellent brand to consider. Can study that at DFA and their website. And VICTORS. I have no experience with either. Just putting it out there. The best of luck to you.

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    Hi Cheryl-
    I have dogs with digestive disorders. However, mine did test positive for parasites and such for quite some time. After ridding of these pesky invaders, my dogs ended up with leaky gut, colitis, or IBS. I have them pretty much under control now. My favorite kibble is grain free Victor. It contains montmorillonite clay which I believe may be partly responsible for the improvement. I also have some favorite supplements which are helpful. I learned about most of them on http://www.dogaware.com. They have a lot of information on diarrhea. I’d like to discuss these further when I have time if you are interested. Right now, I have to get to church. Check out the site and check back.
    I think you and Timber are very lucky to have each other. I am very sorry about losing your brother. Take care.

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    Nancy C

    Thank you for the link. Had a good time learning.

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    Thank you Linda, Nancy and C4C for the great info! I agree, Nancy, the thought of Purina, ugh! I’m. Going to follow-up on all your recommendations–I’ll let you know outcome. Thanks, C4C, for your condolences–it’s been 3-1/2 years since my brother died, and it’s still hard. But, I’m doing my best to honor him through Timber, who just passed his therapy dog test! 🙂

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    Hi Cheryl,

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother.

    That’s wonderful that Timber is a therapy dog! It takes a special dog to pass that test. I’m sure your brother would be proud.

    Do you know what Timber was eating when he was still with your brother, and if he was having any digestive issues then?

    Like C4C, I also wondered about the fecal tests. Are they testing for “everything?”

    My thought would be some sort of food intolerance. Do you have a list of those foods you tried with no luck? I’d take a look at the ingredients and compare them against one another. I have a dog with food intolerance issues. Keep in mind that intolerances are not just proteins, but other ingredients too. Mine cannot eat any form of fish, chickpeas and lentil, garlic and flax.

    I’d also consider trying a limited ingredient diet. If it works, keep him on it for at least six weeks until the histamine clears out of his system before rotating to another food.

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    Hi Cheryl, German Shepherds are predisposed to Pancreatitis & IBD, some GSD need a low fat diet, have you tried an Limited Ingredient low fat kibble yet & a good dog probiotic…..I like “Wellness”…here’s a link to look at their range….the “Wellness Simple” (scroll right down the bottom of the all the kibbles) is an Limited Ingredient kibble that is easy to digest.. the Duck & Oatmeal is the lowest in fat 11%-12% fat… there’s also Wellness “Large breed Complete Health Adult” Deboned Chicken & Brown rice fat% is only 11% fat…. its 5th row down http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/recipes.aspx?pet=dog&ft=1#

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    Thank you for your kind words, 4FootedFoodie. I don’t know what Brian fed Timber after he rescued him, but it was probably not high quality–my brother was already sick and as a musician with no healthcare down in TN, he was really struggling financially before I knew how dire things were. 🙁 I am taking a fecal sample in today and asking them to test for everything.

    Thank you Sue66b–I fed a previous dog Wellness and always liked its quality. Timber is my 1st GSD-type, but I heard that they have a lot of GI issues. I’m taking a fecal sample in today and asking them to test for everything. Fingers and paws crossed–my boy has had enough challenges in him life–he doesn’t need this too!

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