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    My dog is having a skin allergy and ailment. My vet suggests me to feed my dog with premium dog food but it’s not working. I have heard that organic dog food are best for skin allergies because they are nutritious.
    Is it good to feed my dog with organic dog food? If yes, then which brand is best?

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    kathleen p

    Some skin allergies can be caused by your dogs food. My dog (weimaraner) was having issues as well…gas, itching, teary eyes, loose stools, etc. I found a brand of food called Sport Dog Food (sportdogfood.com) I noticed a difference within 2 weeks of use! They have just now changed their formulas so now I have to slowly introduce him to a new one. They have some foods that don’t include all that “extra” stuff dogs don’t need in their diets. I plan on going for the Tracking Dog formula which is closest to what I have been using. Go to their site and check out the ingredients on their formulas and you might be able to find something to suit your dogs needs. They are on the somewhat expensive side and only sell large bags right now, but I think you could find something to help. Good luck!

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    Per the search engine here:


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    What brand are you currently feeding?

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    kathleen p

    Right now I’m on the last bag of the Sport Dog Food Elite grain free active dog and puppy beef formula. It’s not available anymore so I will be getting their Tracking Dog Formula… $64.95 for 30 pounds. Look them up and go through the other formulas to see which might help your dog. Some have potato, peas and grains but they are still leaving out all those pointless ingredients that aren’t needed in some as well. Good luck! Hope I was able to help.

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