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    Sarah M

    Hello All,
    I have two Dobermans that tend to be on the thin side (vet confirmed). They are active but not overly so. Does anyone have recommendations for putting weight on a dog? Any dog food brands or supplements that have worked for you? I’ve tried upping the amount of kibble and canned but there’s a point where it’s too much food and they get loose stools. I also tried raw but they lost weight on the recommended amounts and it became cost prohibitive.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my question!

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    Andy B

    If the dogs are thin and confirmed by the vet, why didn’t the vet advise you on what to feed them to increase their bulk?

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    Sarah M

    When I asked the vet about their weight he said that he thought they were on the thin side, not dangerously so but asked what I was feeding. When I told him he said that he thought that it was a good food and had I tried feeding more of it. When I explained that when I got to about 3.5 to 4 cups of food a day they get loose stools, he said he didn’t have any other suggestions, other than finding a higher calorie food. That is what I’ve been trying to do anyway. He didn’t know of a dog food off the top of his head but said I should try to find a food with more calories per cup of food so the bulk doesn’t upset their stomachs.

    Btw, he also mentioned that in vet school (at least when he attended) students aren’t really trained in canine nutrition. They study what diseases are affected by food. Not necessary what food prevent illness or create wellness. I also bought the textbook that he showed me he was assigned in school and it’s written by Hills – otherwise known as the company that sells Science Diet.

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    You can add calories by adding some oils like olive oil, salmon oil, coconut oil, etc. Also kibbles for puppies and sport dogs tend to have more calories per cup. There are also various recipes for homemade “satin balls” that you can find on the internet. And then there is also a granular food made by Abady that you can add to your current feed. It has around 700 calories per cup.

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    Sarah M

    Thank you, pugmomsandy! 🙂 I’ll look those up!

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    i like the coconut oil suggestion. it is high in calories (something that most people avoid so they feed a small amount) however this could be perfect for you plus you get all the benefits of coconut oil as well. healthy skin and coat, good digestion etc.

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    Sarah M

    I like coconut too and do add it rotating with olive oil, plus I give fish oil with vit E. I’m going to try the satin balls and look into the granular food. 700 per cup is almost double what I’m feeding now!

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