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    Amanda D

    My Mini Aussie has been kind of itchy. Not always, but she does, she tends to chew her toes. She is fed Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer, whatever higher quality canned food I can find at my local discount let store. I always check DFA before buying and don’t but anything lower than 4 stars, but try to stay at 4.5-5 stars. This last time it was Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix Indulgent Mix All-Beef Sausage and Sweet Potato (5*), which she really liked. My mom however likes to give Luna table food, which I’m okay with roast meats, fruits and veggies. But a couple weeks who I found out she gave Loon an entire taco… Complete with seasoned ground beef 😒. I have told her not to give Luna that crap. Luna has been known to starve herself to hold out for table food. She’ll go an entire day ignoring her kibble to hold out for my mom to give her crap. Loon has never been a ravenous eater, Even when she was a puppy, she never gobbled or inhaled her food… I think it would be easier to deal with that than a picky dog.

    I would like to try Luna on a Skin and Coat supplement before putting her on 100% Grain Free diet. I’ve been seeing articles lol up that dogs on GF diets have been linked to heart disease in older dogs. Now I know this isn’t dogma, but I would rather not set Luna up for that possible future. I would rather up her animal protein, because personally, I think it’s a lack of adequate amounts of animal protein, and not necessarily the added protein rich grains.

    I also would like to add a fish oil to her food, but she won’t touch anything fishy. Of all the deal she likes; seafood, Green beans, peanut butter and bananas are things she won’t touch. Although she will sit with me and share dry roasted unsalted peanuts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I was thinking maybe these Vetcrafted Omega Max soft chews.

    Is there anything else I should look into?

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    true p

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    Kevin P

    Chewing toes is a sign of discomfort. I would definitely check out allergy support supplements. If not you can make your Aussie a customized bag of food designed specifically for your dog. At the link I just shared with you.

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    Christie B

    Chewing paws could point to an allergy or sensitivity to something in her food. After years of trial and error with sampling foods, I realized that my dog Chance would do well on any food…for a while. But after a while (usually on my 2nd or 3rd bag of the same food), he would start chewing on his feet, shaking his head, licking his legs, drooling excessively. My vet said allergies and told me to give him Benedryl.

    I found out that if I switched his food to a different animal protein after 2 bags, or whenever I saw him start to chew his paws, (always transitioning properly) the chewing would stop.

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    John P

    A healthy diet and good grooming habits can keep your dog’s skin and coat looking good. In many cases, however, pet owners prefer to give their dog a skin and coat supplement that will make their skin more supple, cut down on shedding, and help relieve allergies that cause itching and fur loss.

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