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    Z B

    9 yr old female spayed
    pit-boxer mix,43 lbs, at ideal weight and in good shape
    Diet: Kibble (most recently Dr Tims Kinesis grain free & Natures Variety LID Duck) topped with 5 star canned
    Heartguard every 6 weeks
    Frontline or other topical flea treatment every 2 months
    Flea bath once every 1-3 months

    She has never taken steroids, painkillers, or antibiotics except for 2 courses of amoxicillin in the past year for a skin infection. To my knowledge she has not eaten any poisons, poisonous plants, etc. She’s an inside dog and walked on a leash. I don’t have a fenced yard so she’s never outside unattended.

    Last week her water intake increased dramatically and she peed large volumes on the floor several nights in a row. Other than that she appears to feel fine, eating well, enjoys her walks, is not showing urgency to pee nor peeing frequently. Urinalysis showed signs of infection so she’s now taking antibiotic Zeniquin.

    Yesterday I received the results of her bloodwork and her liver enzymes are OFF THE CHARTS.

    The doctor recommends I give her SAM-e and Milk Thistle to support liver health. Is there anything else I can do, diet-wise, supplements, etc. I see Science Diet and Royal Canin have liver support diets but I hope not to feed those foods if I don’t have to. I’m willing to do homemade if I need to (commercial raw is not in my budget) but would prefer to stick with a high quality kibble and canned if possible.

    Should I be concerned about the foods I’m currently feeding? Contamination????

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    I would consult a homeopathic veterinarian
    Many of them do phone consults, so distance is not an issue.
    Check the blogs for information that may be helpful.

    PS: You may want to rethink the pesticides….talk to your vet, however, a traditional vet will tell you one thing, but a homeopathic vet may advise you differently.

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    Z B

    Thank you. Yes, I’m definitely concerned about the pesticides and plan to ask my vet. Lots of mosquitoes now, so I don’t know what she’ll say about the heartworm medicine. I can probably manage without the frontline if I can find some natural things that actually work.

    Thanks for the links!

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