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    Karen C

    Help! My breeder originally recommended Taste Of The Wild High Praire Venison and Bison dry puppy food, my English Cream puppy has been eating this dog food since she was a puppy, when i got her at 4 months she constantly ate her poop. The breeders reasons for changing to Life Abundance is this problem, he said the switch was amazing they were having such a problem with all their pups eating their poop and all the issues that come with that. The issue i have is that with shipping (I cant purchase local) its 50% more expensive almost $100.00 for a 35 LB bag! And I thought Taste of the Wild was expensive at $55.00 a 35 lb bag, HELP I want the absolute best for my 7 month old pup but this seems excessively expensive.
    I live in Maryland. THANK YOU

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    Look for Earthborn or Victor.

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    Hi Karen C-
    In my opinion, for whatever it’s worth, is that no kibble is worth that much money! Yikes, that is expensive. No matter how good a kibble is, it’s still kibble. I prefer to buy more budget friendly kibble for a base and save some money to supplement it with healthier canned, fresh, dehydrated or raw foods. Like the BCnut mentioned, both Earthborn are solid brands. I frequently use grain free Victor. Good luck to you!

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    Life’s Abundance is not a bad food but I would never pay that much for a bag of food, and I don’t have a budget where my pets are concerned. I agree with the suggestions of those above and will add some. Annamaet, Wellness, Nutrisource are just three more to consider.

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