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    Tanja A

    My ten-month old cockapoo is such a picky eater and is not a fan of commercial dog food. I began preparing homemade food for him but I want to make sure he’s getting all the nutrition he needs. My vet recommended using Balance It mixed in his homemade food but the strong smell of the powder makes his food unappetizing and he won’t eat it. I found a liquid supplement called Licks in various formulations, one of which is a multi-vitamin and feeding aid. He LOVES the taste of this supplement so it’s been really easy to administer – he simply licks up every drop, hence the name of the product. I was wondering if anyone has used this product and if so, what is your opinion? My vet is not familiar with this product line and I haven’t learned much about this on the Internet. I want to be comfortable giving this to him. Any information about this supplement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would stick with one of the recommended mixes suggested by dogaware.com.

    If you exclusively feed homemade, it is especially important that you give an appropriate pre-mix, and you also may want to alternate between 2 or more for optimal nutrition.

    I’ve tried See Spot Live Longer, Dr. Harveys finely ground and Wysong which my little picky ones liked. They did not love Grandma Lucys or Honest Kitchen.


    Good luck.

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    Tanja A

    Thank you very much Jeffrey. I will check out the site.

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    barbara t

    Tanja, I home cook my dog’s food and have had similar problems with finding the right supplement she will eat with her food. I did buy Lick’s multi-vitamin and she loves it as well.
    The only ingredient I question is the maltodextrin because I think it is a sweetner. I am still giving it to her because at least I’m not throwing out her food at meal time. I give a probiotic also.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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