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    Alberto A

    Hi, i’m Alberto from Italy.
    At the end of the month i’ll become father and friend of a beautiful bloodhound (large breed) puppy.
    I’m searching for a very good for her. I ordered Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain but after i read conflicting opinions.
    For you what is the best food for a large breed puppy? I’m thinking also about Acana Large Bred Puppy but i can’t find a review.



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    Hi Alberto!
    Congratulations to you! A beautiful bloodhound, huh? How awesome.

    You definitely feed a food that is formulated specifically for a large breed puppy. This will help ensure her joints to grow at a healthy pace.

    In my opinion, I would feed either Purina ProPlan or One, Royal Canin, Eukanuba or Hill’s Large Breed Puppy food. Royal Canin might even have a formula specific for bloodhound puppies.

    These companies all have done feeding trials on their foods.

    I would not feed Acana. It has been associated with Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs. Especially larger dogs.

    Good luck to you!

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    @ Alberto A

    What dog foods do you have available in Italy?

    Also, when you get the pup, do not change the food! Continue to feed what the breeder has been using.

    See the vet for an initial puppy exam within 2 weeks of bringing the pup home. See what he recommends.

    This is the brand I like, I don’t know if you can get it where you are

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    Alberto A

    Thank you very much for your help! I thought that TOTW lamb was one of the best but maybe i was wrong.
    I will read reviews on Purina ProPlan/ One, Royal Canin, Eukanuba and Hill’s.
    Yes, for the first period i will not change the food. I know that Fromm is very appreciated in the U.S.,unfortunately in Italy we don’t have it…but it’s not a problem, i can order Fromm in Germany or U.K. i think.

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    Sandy S

    My neighbor told me about this “”study”” , that was published in our local paper, back in July 2019.

    Almost all the dog food brands in this “”study”” . Almost all. Are of excellent quality.

    Specifically, Champion Brands. Origin and Acana.. Are high quality dog food. Available in Italy.

    Look at the bio availability of any of the ingredients. Meat/grain/legumes..

    You will see that your dog is eating a better bio available ration. Then you are..

    Thats why a vast majority of the dogs, that eat these high quality ration’s, thrive. The vast majority.

    High Quality = (Protein) Meat.Meat & more meat. Macro & micro minerals. Vitamin’s. Fat & fibre.
    Low or no grain (carbohydrates) / peas / bean’s lentil’s..

    Most dogs do better on meat. Cause A Dog. IS mostly a Carnivore.

    You don’t trust the considerable science that went into your dogs ration? Your dog is one of the few, that responds poorly to a high quality, bio available ration?

    Concerned about what meat (protein) your dog digest, & thrives on ? And or what carbohydrates (legumes/grain), your dog digest,best?

    Feed 1 protein at a time..Feed 1 carbohydrate at a time One. Example: 75gm’s Lamb (as is) with 25gm’s boiled Brown Rice..Total 100gms.

    WaLa! You’ve just made a good , bland, digestible,limited ingredient dog food. Try Whatever protein’s (meat). You want to.

    Your dog is one of the minority of dogs, that is having problem’s on a commercial dog food?

    If need be? Figuring out which basic ingredients, your dog does best on.. Will allow you to, see results from your own hands making your dog’s ration. Going in and going out..

    Then go match what you learned, with a commercial dog food..

    Dogs do best on meat.. You can add meat. For less cost then commercial dog food.

    You can easily add carbohydrates ( brown rice). For much less cost then dog food..

    The number one problem with all dog feed is > People feed their dogs way too much..

    That “”study””. Does not seem to be able to take into account market share of a dog breed (popularity). Nor the market share of the dog food brands.. Nor nothing specific about the ingredients? Something vague about the amount or digestibility of legumes? WTF? Just that some breeds seem to be more prone to heart problems..

    Then is not that whole FDA “”investigation””. Just bunk science? An “investigation” as a reaction to dog owner hysteria?

    What did i miss ?

    My dog is 8 years young & 33lbs of solid muscle.

    I feed 100 gram’s of dry dog food, like Origin or Keto ….. Not the manufactures recommended “200 grams” .

    NOT. 200 .. 100 gram’s ..of high quality meat, commercial dry dog food.

    Then I add 100 gram’s of “raw” meat & carbs. More Or less. I like to use 2/3 horse meat and 1/3 brown rice.. Your choice . Depending on what work’s best for your dog and your wallet.

    The cost of the above mixture , works out to about $1.50 per day ..

    Depending on how much I am running her. More when she work’s long and hard. Less when she is less active ..

    My dog (33lbs) requires at least 200 gram’s of dry dog food OR it’s equivalent per day ..

    6kg per month ..

    Many of these high quality dog feeds cost more then $1.50 + per gram !

    Thats a lot of coin for dog food . A whole lot !

    If need be. Figure out what meat your dog thrives on.. Then match up a commercial dog food…

    One protein . One carbohydrate.. Work it out from there..

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