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    lee S

    I have a 70 pound Labradoodle. From the day we took her home from the shelter, she has had stomach issues. She spent a day at the vet getting testing done, and they said she just has a weak stomach. We have her on Blue Buffalo Large Breed. We started with chicken, and now beef. She has frequent bouts of stomach gurgling, refusal to eat, terribly smelly gas, and occasionally vomiting. She also scratches a lot. I am looking for advice on large breed foods for sensitive stomachs. I am hopeful that I can stay around the same price range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi, I’d called it a “sensitive tummy” make sure the fat % is low, I found when my boy had his gurling bowel (Colitis) the vet said lower his fat & said he had Colitis..Patch was getting me up around 4-5am about every 10 days wanting to go outside & eat grass, when I first got him over 1 year ago, I’d hear his bowels rumbling from the next room, since Ive cut out the chicken necks & kept him on his Vet prescription diet ‘Eukanuba Intestianal’ that has only 10% crude fat, we haven’t had any rumbling & gurling since December, Thank-God..Ive also found when his tummy bowel was rumbling, Id make him toast eat 2 pieces of dry toast with fish paste lightly spread no butter, you could use cottage cheese something that doesnt have fat in it, the toast seemed to stop his rumbling & we could go back to bed…but watch the Crude Fat % in his kibble, no treats or things that have too much fat, also I keep his food the same & if I give him anything new I do it of a morning not of a night. I give him his Eukanuba Intestinal for his dinner so I wont get woken up with his little gurgle motor running….lol oh with the scratching stay away from kibbles & foods that are high carbohydrate, no potatoes, sweet potatos etc…maybe ur better of doing an elimination diet, like Im doing at the moment..also my boy is on a good probiotic for his stomach I feel this has also helped him…

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