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    Taylor D

    I have been an avid follower to this forum and website and decided to finally register to participate, not just because I have a question, although I do 🙂

    I own three female Golden Retrievers. Misty is 10, Daisi is 6, and Lena is 7 months.

    After much research and reading Hound Dog Mom’s list of Large Breed Dog Foods (I even printed it out) I decided to feed Lena Wellness CORE Puppy for her first year.
    She made the switch great (she was eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness at breeders) and is doing great on it. Her coat is sooo soft.
    The thing I have noticed is if I give her too much of that kibble, she will get soft poop.
    I know this is a high protein/ high fat food and I should be giving her less than what the bag says.
    She is a good weight now, nice and lean, no ribs or hips showing, although I can feel her ribs. But she is small for her age!
    She weighs 30 pounds and she is 7 months!
    She is only gaining about 5-10 pounds a month.
    I am feeding her 2 and a half cups of the puppy food a day, divided among three meals, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    She does fine on that amount, poop is fine. When I try to increase the amount, she gets soft poop.
    I do pour some fresh raw goat milk in with her food each meal when I am increasing her food, and sometimes it keeps the soft poop away but not all the time.
    I know why she gets the soft poop, and I know she is of good weight for her size, no ribs are showing.
    But she is small for her age and breed.
    Is it possible she is not getting the calcium she needs, because of the decreased amount I am feeding her, because of the protein rich food?
    Wouldn’t the calcium levels listed for the food be for an average serving size?
    Wouldn’t it be okay to feed her a food slightly lower in protein maybe around 30-32%, instead of the 36% in Wellness Core Puppy, but with slightly higher levels of calcium?

    Their is a Slow Growth Method of feeding Goldens or large breeds that some breeders recommend following. Even with the Slow Growth Method, Lena should weigh at least 65 pounds for her age.

    I also know high protein is not a problem for large breeds.

    I was just wondering if I could switch her to a good 4.5-5 star grain free food with 30-32% protein with higher levels of calcium. Or even a 35%+ protein food with higher levels of calcium, since I would still be feeding her less than the amount listed on bag.

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