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    Can anyone recommend a lamb based senior dog food?

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    Generally speaking, we don’t recommend senior foods. Many of them are based on bad science. Seniors can have difficulty in utilizing the protein in their food and actually may require as much as 50% more protein than a younger dog, yet most senior foods decrease protein. They also don’t have a therapeutic dose of joint supplements in them, but they advertise as if they do, which keeps owners from giving their dog what it needs in that department. Senior foods are a marketing gimmick, not a need.

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    You know, I hadn’t even considered changing foods until the vet (not the one we usually see) encouraged me to put him on a senior diet this week. My dog is an eleven year old lab and he’s in excellent health (besides his deteriorating vision.) It seems so silly to me to go messing with his diet now anyway. I think I’ll give our usual vet a call. Thank you!

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    Beside feeding my senior an all-life-stage food(s), I give him Actiflex 4000, fish oil, Jarrow True CMO (cetyl-myristoleate) and liver/kidney support, probiotics and some Springtime Longevity or Fresh Factors.

    Anyhow, I like using Nutrisource grain free Lamb Meal and Nature’s Logic Lamb Dinner and Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance Lamb or Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Lamb, Canidae Pure Elements or Canidae Pure Land.

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    I agree with what PugMom said, Patty too. IMO, most senior foods are too low in protein.

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