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    We have an 11-month-old yellow lab (male) who currently weighs approximately 27kg. After recommendations from our pet store and dog trainer, we switched the little guy to Dr. Clauder’s Hyposensitive Duck & Potatoes at around 5-6 months as we were told that the Junior food is packed with a lot of calories that usually contribute to accelerated weight gain and that might cause problems with the developing joints and bones.

    Furthermore, we also add supplemental Norwegian salmon oil (two pumps) in the morning and FITMIN DOG PURITY JOINTS & PREVENTION with his evening meal.

    During our regular vet check-ups, we were told that he is very healthy and is in a great weight range.

    The reason for this post: I’ve read so much conflicting information out there regarding when to switch junior dogs to adult food; some say earlier, some say later, and that it is better to keep junior dogs on junior food for longer rather than not enough.

    I’ve now got a lot of questions and am very concerned as I love this guy more than life itself… Is what we did wrong? How did we affect our dog? Should we switch back to junior food? If yes, until what age?

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    Hi Mattunderwater,

    It is understandable to be confused. Before there were specific diets for large breed puppies it was a common recommendation to switch them to an adult food before fully grown.

    Now that large breed puppy foods are available, veterinary nutritionists recommended that a puppy food appropriate for large breed growth food be fed until 80% mature, ~18 months-2 years depending on the breed.

    I don’t know anything about the brand you are using to know how their foods are made, some “adult” foods meet requirements for growth, but the information given to you by pet shop and trainer is not current.

    If the food you are using is not made for growth/ juniors than I’d consider switching to one that is appropriately formulated for the growth of large breed puppies (not all diets labeled for large breed puppies are appropriately formulated) and feeding it in amounts to maintain good body score.

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