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    I also have an active 6 year old black Lab and he’s been having chronic diarrhea and occasional vomiting. Lots of tests at the vet and nothing comes up. He’s been on Blue Buffalo Turkey and Potato, which I see on this site doesn’t have a five star rating…but I took him off it a month ago and substituted it with rice and boiled chicken and — at the vet’s recommendation — added W/D canned (1/4th can each feeding) which seemed to help. I’ve been weening him back onto the Blue but it seems like it’s not working–he’s getting loose again. Clearly, he’s reacting to that formula. But why suddenly? I added fiber to his diet before — frozen green beans or peas as a treat…
    Please help me: Which five star food is high in fiber (so I can get rid of the W/D!) and protein? I can’t seem to isolate the fiber search in the database of top foods. Thanks!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Naya –

    If you read through the comments on the Blue Buffalo threads and checkout the complaints about Blue Buffalo on consumer affairs, you’ll see that many people’s dogs are getting diarrhea on Blue. A friend of mine actually started her new puppy on Blue this past summer and she had horrible diarrhea for a month, she then switched the food and it cleared up within a day. I’d recommend just picking any 5 star food and add a few spoonfuls on plain canned pumpkin to boost the fiber rather than specifically looking for food based on fiber content (that would greatly limit your choices). You may also want to consider getting a high quality digestive supplement with pro-biotics and enzymes to get your dog’s digestive system back on track. This is a really good one: . Good luck!

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    Thank you so much, HDM! I will definitely switch foods. The problem is I have two dogs, the other of which is just perfectly healthy and happy with Blue. Anyway…


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    Participant has a couple foods that are limited ingredient and/or single protein. They also have a probiotic/enzyme product. I sometimes give ground psyllium husk when I get a new foster dog to help keep poops from being loose. Same ingredient as Metamucil but no sugar, colors, etc. Also Nature’s Variety Instinct has a LID diet and if you read back through the review comments, some folks say their poops are a little hard on that food.

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