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    We are picking up a 7 week old, black lab puppy, next week. I’m at a loss as to what dry dog food to feed him. He will be coming home on Iams Large Breed Puppy, which I’d like to wean him off of as soon as possible. Our previous lab ate Canidae ALS, which I’m open to using again, but I know that there is better available; however, I’d like to stay in this price range and get something that is easily available. I ordered our Canidae ALS bags from Amazon, which is easy since I have 3 young children, so delivered to our door step was great. We also have a Costco nearby, so I looked at Kirkland brand, but I wasn’t sure if this was a good option for a large breed puppy. Could someone give me some good options that are reasonably priced, easy to find and would be a very healthy option for a large breed puppy. Thank you!

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    Hi sbd421-
    Congrats on your new pup! However, it is recommended to wait until at least 8 weeks for pup to leave mom. I wouldn’t worry about transitioning pup to new food right away if you can continue with the Iams for a few weeks at least. He’ll be going through so many changes to begin with. Just let him get settled in. Labs are so full of energy! I should know, I have two. There is an entire thread devoted to large breed puppies on the diet and nutrition section. There is a lot of information on the requirements of large breed pups. Most importantly is the calcium content. It is explained very well on that thread on its importance to growth. Also Hound Dog Mom has a great spread sheet on the foods that are acceptable for them. She has listed foods that are both grain free and grain inclusive in all price ranges. Check it out! I’m not sure if you have had a puppy before, especially a lab, but you are in for a lot of fun! Keep an eye on him as they will eat just about anything. Lol!

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    It’s actually the diet and health issues category. The large breed pup thread is the yellow sticky.

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    Definitely check out the large breed puppy thread, I’m sure skimming over that (and adding comments) would help tremendously as to how to get started.

    I’m not too worried about it being 7wks. I know 8wk is the “ideal” age, but my baby boy was only 6wks when a friend gave him to us. He grew into the most loyal dog I have owned – never had one as good as he was.

    Congrats on the lab pup journey! We went through a black lab once, but I don’t remember much about her as I was pretty young when we got her (she was clear at 5wks when we rescued her). We didn’t know much about dogs (I was too little to do any training, my mom had never owned a dog, and all dad had were the farm dogs that roamed around)… So she was a typical “evil” lab with her leash-pulling, biting, jumping, etc. LOL! Now she’s enjoying senior life, and I often wish I could go back to her puppyhood now that I know a thing or two about behavioral adjustment and training, hah! But she’s a sweetheart.

    Then I’m pet sitting a chocolate lab pup currently. She’s one of the better behaved ones I’ve had! Very very mouthy and mischievous, but in the week we’ve had her, she’s only had 2 piddles in the house!

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    Thank you everyone. We pick him up today. I understand that it’s best to wait until they are 8 weeks or older, but the breeder is having surgery and needed for them to be picked up now, so that is what we are doing. We picked up our first lab (who we just had to put down 2 weeks ago due to cancer at age 12) at 6 weeks and he was perhaps the best dog I could’ve ever imagined, so I know that this guy will be okay. I will leave him on the Iams for a bit while he adjusts to his new home. From there I’m thinking of transitioning him to Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy. Does anyone have experience with this food? Thanks again!

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    Well you have a show breeder of Labs here…….then she should have waited until after the surgery or what ever that state laws allow…that being said back to Foods.

    The dog should be on Puppy food till 5 to 6 months and switched over to adult…..I stopped using Purina as they are adding menadione a no, no. Actually the Puppy Food available at Costco is excellent Puppy food as is their lamb food and chicken food and has excellent reviews…many show breeders do use it….with great results.
    Whatever you do NO GRAIN FREE for Labradors, unless they have a sensitive stomach etc.
    It just does not work well on Labradors…….all the foo-foo foods just don’t work for them.

    24-26% protein and 14-16 on the fat will be fine for the dog: Adult Food

    I have the #4 Yellow Dog Puppy in USA…..10 months 76 lbs

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    I keep my lab mix on almost exclusively on high protein (30+ %), grain free foods because she does terrible on most grain inclusive foods (drops weight, poor coat). Every dog is different, and not all grain free are created equally. Saying that all labs must have a certain type food (or all of any breed, for that matter) is like saying a certain diet is appropriate for all people, regardless of their individual needs.

    Definitely check out the large breed puppy thread. I’m not sure of it’s on there, but I’m partial to Wellness CORE. My dogs do great on all the ones I’ve tried, and with local sales and Wellness’s $5 off any size bag coupons, I get it for about $2 usually. I also like the looks of NutriSource. I’m just now venturing into the brand, with Super Performance, a high calorie, grain inclusive food, but they have something for everyone. The dogs are just now about 50/50 into that, so I don’t have much to say about it in action yet, but many people use the brand and love it on here. I’m not sure if any of their foods are appropriate for a LBP, but it could be something to look into later on when your guy is an adult, if not. 🙂

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    Kevin Davies

    The Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Puppy food is made from natural ingredients and designed to provide everything that your growing Lab needs. Some of the benefits of feeding your lab this puppy food are bone and teeth strength, energy and vitality, brain development, healthy muscle growth and optimal nutrition absorption. Aside from these amazing benefits, it has a great taste that puppies love.

    According to reviews from Lab puppy owners that have bought this puppy food, they feel it is a better quality puppy food than most other brands out there, since it contains actual ingredients instead if filler. One of the first signs that any puppy or dog food has too much filler is very frequent and more stools from your puppy. The consistency of stools may even be loose or runny and this is how you will know that the filler is simply passing through your puppy’s system. You will also need to change his diet immediately.


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