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    I know this is a dog forum, but my older girl, Maddy, has been quite thin lately. She has free choice of Chicken Soup dry, and I recently added Natural Balance canned. Now she only eats 1-2tbsp canned and won’t eat any dry. She acts perfectly normal and is checked out healthy

    Are there any super high-calorie supplements or canned foods I can give her?

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    Hi, I used to feed my mine Tiki Cat (the chicken formulas) before I switched her to raw. You could try it for your cat. It’s very palatable and uses good ingredients. It’s pretty expensive however, so you might want to find another long-term solution. You could also try mixing it with the Natural Balance.

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    Hi Shasta-
    Have you had a full blood panel done on her? There are at least three very common conditions that I know of that can cause that. I have experienced or have had friend’s cats have these symptoms and it has turned out to be either hyperthyroidism, kidney disease or diabetes. I really hope that isn’t the case for sure. But, a possibility. I use a lot of the budget friendly Authority canned food for my crew. Good luck.

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    Thank you for the advice. I will check into that.

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    jakes mom

    Definitely agree with crazy4cats. Maddy needs bloodwork. I’ve had a lot of cats and have experience with all three of the conditions she mentioned. Not the outcome we want but all treatable/manageable and the sooner you find out the better. Wishing you good luck.

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    Feeding the Kidney Patient: The Low Protein Diet Myth

    Low Protein Diets? Really?

    The Skinny On Kidney Disease

    Kidney disease. This one way street eventually leads to death. We see it in our cats most often, much less in dogs, and I suspect far, far less in horses. People die of this regularly. Unlike the liver, with its massive capacity for regeneration, the kidney simply doesn’t allow for renewal. Once kidney failure (or, more politely, CKD chronic kidney disease) is diagnosed in your animal, it means 75% or more of the kidneys’ capacity to filter wastes is now lost. Failure is the operant word, though. These two small organs are in failure and won’t pull out of it.

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