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    Alisa L

    I hear some people speak so highly of the Kirkland dog food and some just slam it. I have been using the puppy food for my almost one year old 50 pounder and he is doing great. I am ready to start transitioning him over slowly to dog food and I would LOVE to keep on Kirkland since I go there often and it’s a great price. The one that was recalled back in 2012 should be fine now right? I am frugal, no question. But, I am also head over heals in love with my Dexter and I want to do right by him. Someone please help me decide what to do. Why is wheat free so popular? What would be the signs to look for if my dog needed a wheat free diet?

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    Wheat/grain free is popular because dogs don’t get much out of grains, and wheat is fairly low nutrition wise. I don’t always feed grain free, but I don’t include corn, wheat, soy, or regular rice in anything. If I were to feed Kirkland, I would steer more towards the nature’s domain lines

    While there hasn’t been a recall of this in 2 years, it is still made by diamond, which has a history of recalls and handling them very poorly. It looks decent on paper, as some of the other diamond made brands do, but not worth the risk in my opinion. Plenty of other food out there with a good price point

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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