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    Dan C

    Ist post and need some advise. We have been feeding our new Doberman puppy the Kirkland Signature Puppy food since she was weaned. She seems to do well but sometimes has GI distress as in runny stools. We gave her a break and did the Chicken and rice diet until things firmed up. Then we transitioned her back Kirkland Signature Puppy and rice. Stools are better but we find that if she’s on straight Kirkland Signature Puppy fod the stools get loose again. Adding rice back firms things up.

    So here’s our question, if we wanted to continue the Kirkland Signature Puppy food until she is say 9 months (5.5 months to go) what would be the correct amount of dog food and rice added together? She weights in at 30 lbs now and the label says she should be getting between 3 – 4 cups per day. Guess another way of asking the question is whether the rice should be additive or a replacement for the dog food and if a replacement, how much, and if additive how much? Should total calorie input be a deciding factor?

    Why Kirkland Signature Puppy, well for us we believe it represents the best balance between cost and performance. All our other dogs did well on this food as did her litter mates. Our plan is to transition her to the Nature’s Domain foods in the future.

    Thanks in advance for any comments and recommendations,

    Dan C.

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