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    Hello, all!

    So, I wanted to take a minute and tell you about a heartwarming (to me) story of my awesome friend. She is one of my success stories, one who switched her dogs from Shep to 3.5-5-star foods and has not looked back! We are also crazy dog food ladies, always shopping for deals and couponing and what not.

    Well, her mom is going through a divorce, so she took in her mom’s dog in first, and then her mom too. A little after that her mom’s boyfriend passed away and his ex-wife somehow took his dogs and… here’s the twist… wanted to put them down!!! They are 12 and 7, in decent shape, and very much alive and well! So my friend loaded up her car with her Mom and drove a few states over to negotiate for the dogs. They won and got the dogs, which my friend now has. Together with her Mom’s dog. Together with her own 2. The dogs were bathed, and on Sunday they are getting vetted, shots (meh), and having their nails clipped. Their nails are horrendous, I bet poor things are in serious discomfort. But they get along well with everyone and are good eaters (no wonder with good food and THK as a topper 😉 ) The boy is a beagle and the girl – a greyhound mix. Her mom’s dog is 6-7 years old, Lhasa Apso mix, and she has a Chorkie (looks like a yorkie-shitzu mix though) and a yellow lab, both 2 years old. They eat mixes of brands and rotate basically per bag.

    I am so proud of my friend for doing this, and she is a blessing to those pups! 🙂

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