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    Hello, everyone I am in need of advice and since everyone has helped me in the past, I would love to hear from you all again. Heres the story I have a 10yr old shih Tzu named Leo and I brought him in for routine blood work for a dental, and his blood work came back with elevated ELT levels at 900 (supposed to be around 30) and elevated ELP levels. So my vet suspected Cushing’s disease even though he was not yet exhibiting symptoms like increased thirst and food drive. He is actually a little increased but barely. We did a bile acid test which was high at 30 (should be around 12) also the urine test commonly done to determine if he is secreting cortisol in his urine it came back positive but not too off the charts. Well next step is abdominal ultrasound which I got the results back today are pretty bad he has degenerative kidney disease ( not showing up in blood work yet) nodules on both adrenal glands and a small liver not cirrhotic yet. So she wants him on a diet change immediately and since he is not showing too many symptoms of Cushing’s disease we are not going to do anymore testing for that and cannot treat him for that without possibly creating a renal failure since Cushing’s medications can cause kidney dysfunction. So I guess my question is of course my vet gave me some Science Diet KD to start with but I am not a big fan of it can anyone recommend any other foods for kidney disease and also has anyone else had any experience with these diseases ? I thought he was doing so well for his age in great health at a good weight he’s has been active and happy, I am besides myself. He is getting a liver support antioxidants and vitamins with milk thistle from my vet as well. But I am at a loss at how to proceed, any help would be welcome Thanks for listening.

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    Get a second opinion. KD is not necessary for early stage kidney disease and in some cases does more harm than good.

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