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    Constance C

    I have an 8-month old Afghan Hound that I’ve had for 2 months. She came to me from the breeder eating Kirkland Signature Puppy Chicken, Rice, & Vegetable. For consistency, I’ve been feeding her a little less than ½ Kirkland and a little more than half Victor Dog Food Select Hi-Pro Plus Formula for Active Dogs and Puppies, but after reading the Large Breed & Puppy thread I’m rethinking everything (calcium, dry vs wet, other?).

    Am I feeding her the right food? Should I add wet food and if so, what kind? I’m a new dog owner, but I’ve read enough to know I should avoid gluten and grocery store type dog food.

    (PS. She eats her kibble but never really seems enthused about it, but maybe this is ok?)

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    Hi Constance-
    Congrats on your new pup! You dont hear about Afghan’s much anymore. Very cool dog! I can understand your concern. Ive read about keeping calcium levels down below 3.5 g per 1000 kcal in kibble for large breed pups, but i havent read much about calcium in canned. I like to add canned, fresh or dehydrated toppers to my dogs meals to make them more nutritious and yummy. I’ve not been much help, but hopefully others will chime in with their opinions. Best wishes!

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    Constance C

    Hi Crazy4cats,

    Thank you for your reply! That 3.5g per 1000 cals had me quaking as I hadn’t thought of it and hadn’t come across that info anywhere. Groan. She’s enjoying the toppers I’ve been adding to her dry kibble using the info in the nutritional thread. I’ll just play it by ear (or eye).

    Many thanks

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