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    Jane L

    My almost 7 year old Golden Retriever suddenly developed idiopathic epilepsy. I’ve read about the many advantages of putting him on a ketogenic diet…. one that is grain-free, very high in protein and fat, while very low in carbs. I’m looking for a prepared dog food that meets those requirements, preferably one that isn’t too high in calories. Right now he’s on Keppra, Chinese herbs, CBD oil and we’re beginning acupuncture next week. He’s currently eating Purina Neuro Care, which was recommended by his holistic vet. I’d also like to
    take him off the Neuro Care and begin feeding him a ketogenic diet. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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    NomNomNow.com, no prep involved.

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    Jenny Rellick

    I believe the most Ketogenic food on the Editor’s Choice list is Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula. The Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content is 62% protein and 1% carbohydrates. It is high in fat, which is okay for dogs, but you should be careful of how many calories you feed. If dogs are like people, what looks like a small serving will satisfy your dog’s appetite after a few weeks. If your dog gets pancreatitis, a high-fat food may be bad. In that case, a canned food for a weight control may be your best option. Wellness Core Grain Free Weight Maintenance (Canned) has a dry matter estimate of 50% protein, 16% fat and 26% carbohydrates. Grain-free low-fat foods are not all ketogenic. Some include potatoes and legumes full of carbohydrates.

    If you feel like you would be feeding Bambi’s mother to your dog, the next most ketogenic food is Stella and Chewy’s Chewy’s Chicken Dinner (Freeze-Dried.) Its dry matter is an estimated 51% protein and 12% carbohydrates.

    For a large breed, these freeze dried ketogenic foods are expensive. The next best ketogenic foods on average are wet, but not all quality wet foods are ketogenic. The Editor’s Choice canned foods with 5 stars are a good place to start looking for high-protein, low carb foods you can afford.
    Fish oil, such as Bayer Snip Tips, is supposed to help a wide range of brain-based neurological conditions, and I think CBD oil is an excellent supplement.

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    Jane L

    Hi Jenny….thank you so much for your detailed reply! I have been looking into the various diets you recommend. Primal and the other keto diets are, indeed, quite expensive for a Golden Retriever! I am going to a pet food store that specializes in high-end foods and foods for special dietary needs and will investigate further. I will let you know what I select, but in the meantime, I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you took to answer my query.

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