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    ngoc a

    Need a suggestion for canned food for for my 6 year old Shi-Poo who has second bought of stinky itchy ears and it on steroids and drops. Reading the food I need should not have any sugars in it or potatoes.

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    Zignature and Nutrisca have no potato, has your vet suggested a prescription/therapeutic diet? That would be the only accurate way to rule out food sensitivities.
    Keep in mind your dog may have environmental allergies which tend to wax and wane, they may be mild, seasonal or uncomfortable enough that the expertise of a specialist may be needed.
    See my prior posts per the search engine
    How long has this been going on? Because I have a dog with environmental allergies, I had good results, but, only after going to a veterinary dermatologist.
    I thought it was the food too, tried all kinds of things with poor results, my dog is doing well now on ASIT allergen specific immunotherapy times 5 years.
    Turns out she can eat most foods but does best on Zignature whitefish (before that Nutrisca salmon) as a base.
    So, I would consider going to a specialist if her symptoms go on for more than a year (4 seasons) without significant relief.
    Food allergies are rare, environmental allergies are usually the culprit.

    For the best results, make an appointment with a veterinary dermatologist.
    Here is a good article about what you might be looking at, keep in mind there are even newer treatment options than when this article was written

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    Purina Pro Plan Focus for sensitive stomach and skin is another one to look at.

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    Hi ngoc a-
    Are you mixing the canned into kibble or is it your pup’s entire meal? I regularly mix Kirkland’s Turkey & Pea Stew into my dogs’ meals. It is a very budget friendly canned food that is sold at Costco. It does not have any potatoes.

    I also buy canned food at Tractor Supply. They have a 4Health brand that has many different budget friendly formulas.

    I use zymox ear cleanser to keep my dogs’ ears clean and healthy. It has been working very well.

    I hope you can get your pup’s itchy ears under control!

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    a dog only reacts to potatoes, sugars & starchy carbs if she/he has food sensitives to those particular food/ingredients, this is another Myth spread on the internet (Dr Karen Becker) saying Potato, rice, corn, oats, grains, sugary carbs cause yeasty skin & ears this is not true, it’s only when your dog is sensitive to that food he will react…
    What was he eating when his ears became yeasty?
    Here’s a site written by a Dermotologist “Karen Helton Rhodes” The Myths & Facts of Yeast Dermatitis in Dogs”, Please read, she has a facebook site called “Healthy Skin 4 Dogs” & frequents another f/b group called “Dog, issues allergies & other Information Support Group” join the group heaps of really good information, your better off taking your dog off any dry kibble or cooked wet canned dog foods, whenever I feed wet can foods to my boy he starts shaking his head & scratches his ears & skin, I think the wet can foods use binders in the wet can foods & he must be sensitive too them, he’s the same when he eats a dry kibble that has tapioca, carrots, chicken, barley & oats he gets red smelly yeasty paws, itchy ears & smelly yeasty skin, he cant eat these ingredients he’s has food sensitivities to them, you need to work out what ingredients your dog has food sensitivities too??…
    Have a look at freeze dried foods like “Ziwi Peak” air dried, Ziwi Peak also sell wet raw can food, it looks & smells like the cooked wet can foods but it’s healthier, Ziwi Peak is for dogs & cats who have skin/ear problems food sensititivies, Ziwi Peak has Novel protein meats (Venison Rabbit) & limited ingredients, Ziwi Peak must taste really good my cat goes mad when I open a can or open her bag of air dried Ziwi Peak, here’s Ziwi Peak site send them an email telling them about your dog yeasty ears & ask can you try some of their samples of their air dried formula’s, just make sure you give your address so they can send the samples out or go & buy some of the Ziwi Peak to try, your dog will get better & love the air dried & the wet can foods … also when you do start a new limited ingredient food do not feed any treats or anything else in her diet just the new food..
    also look for “K-9 Natural” Green Lipped Mussels Freeze Dried, Mussels are high in Omega fatty acid excellent for skin & ears, give 1-2 mussels a day as a treat..
    K-9 Natural also sell wet raw can food & dehydrated food you just add water, same as “Honest Kitchen” look for the Zeal, Spruce or Brave formula’s

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    Hi ngoc-a,
    My girl used to get yeast infections in her ears every 3 or 4 months until I switched from the prescription drops and cleansers my vet and dermatologist were prescribing to Zymox ear products. I used the otic solution for 1 week to get rid of the yeast and have since been using the ear cleanser on a regular basis to keep her ears clean and healthy, like crazy4cats does. It has been over 2 years now without a reoccurrence of the yeast.

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