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    Rhianna H

    I am in search of a dog food that it seems may not exist. What I need is a food that is higher in protein (at least 32% but would prefer upwards of 36%), low in carbohydrates (must be less than 30% but the lower the better), would appreciate a decent fiber content (maybe around 5-6%?) which doesn’t seem to difficult to find. However, where I am stuck is that it also needs to be completely chicken free, fish free and grain free. I’d like to stay away from Turkey if possibly but will give it a go if it meets all the other requirements. Dry foods are prefered since this is a larger dog and I just can’t afford dehydrated/freeze dried/canned/raw foods.

    Hope someone has ideas because I’m about to pull out my hair!

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    You’d need to check with the company about carb content and “as fed” numbers vs Guaranteed Analysis numbers, but Earthborn Holistic Venture Rabbit, Pork and Squid recipes are chicken, fish and grain free.

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    Look at

    *Canidae Grain Free PURE Ancestral Red Meat Formula

    * Earthborn Holistics – grain free

    * Wellness Core

    It’s ashame you can’t have Chicken are you 100% sure Dog cant eat chicken done proper elimination diet?..
    I feed “Wellness Core Large Breed” Adult formula.
    Its high in protein-38.14%’max, Fiber-5.99%max
    scroll down to “Nutrient Profiles” then click on “Get The PDF” it shows the proper % of Protein, Fat, Fiber, Carbs etc look at “Dry Matter Basis”

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    Rhianna H

    First off, thank you both for your speedy replies! I very much appreciate it!


    Yes, I did do the elimination diet with the chicken, I was actually semi forced into it. I have not done an elimination diet with the fish but he reacted so violently to being on a fish based diet that I’m too scared to try. He went on the fish after we got suspicious of the chicken diet he was on causing some ear problems. When he reacted to the fish diet (wonderful nasty bout of IBD) I put him on chicken and potatoes for an extended person of time while we were trying to correct the IBD issues. Sure enough, within a few weeks of being back on chicken his ear problems came back full force. Boo.

    The PURE is similar in nutrient profile as to what I have him in right now and it’s just not enough for him. There are a few Earthborn formulas I’ve been keeping in mind and I have been eyeballing the some Wellness Core Raw Rev formulas too.


    Yes! I have been eyeballing the Venture Rabbit Formula but given that it’s kind of on the low end of what I’m looking for I was waiting too see what else there might be available that I’ve miss before I made and for sure decisions. However, I am curious about where Squid formula. I’m definitely going to have to mention that one to his vet. I know it’s not technically “fish” but since his reaction to being on a fish based food was so violent I want to be extra sure that his vet doesn’t think something like squid would be “close enough” to be a concern, especially given that squids have a diet that tends to consist of various types of fish.

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