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    Heather B

    My 10yo pyrenees/retriever mix, has progressive arthritis in his hips. We give him supplements daily via GNC chewables and salmon oil (2450mg omega 3, 850mg EPA, 465mg DHA, 750mg Glucosamine, 600mg Chondroitin, and 500mg MSM). Our vet recommended Science Diet j/d in additional to the supplements, but Biscuit refuses to eat it, and after some research, I’m not convinced the quality is all that great outside of having more omega 3 and DHA than other foods. Can anyone recommend a high quality, senior-specific dry food that’s not grain free? I’ve read good things about Wellness but would love to know if there are other options we should consider. Thanks!

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    Hi Heather,

    “Canidae Pure Meadow” senior but its grain free, its high protein 28-30%
    low fat-10.80%, Low Carbs…
    Why dont you want to feed grain free?? not all grain free foods are bad & involved in the Low taurine in some dogs??..

    Patch has a square left hip socket, vets have never seen anything like this, they said he would have been born with it & would of had Arthritis from a pup, he started running on 3 legs about 1 year ago age 9yrs old….
    Then I started to feed him
    “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult, its high in Protein-38%max, low/med-Fat-13% & high in Glucosamine/Chondroitin, low Carbs -30%, he stopped running on 3 legs..
    Then I rotate & feed “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior,

    Canidae Senior is pretty good, it has 3 meat proteins 1st, 2nd & 3rd ingredients like the Wellness Core then a carb Sweet potatoes…

    Canidae ALS Platinum Senior has grains

    Wellness has their “Wellness Complete Health Senior” grain formula but Patch cant eat barley gets diarrhea also this Wellness formula is high in carbs over 50%… I want to keep off the weight off his joints..

    Look at “Farmina”

    His Vet said we can give “Cartrophen Vet” Injections, they are given weekly for 4 weeks
    this way no NSAID drugs are being taken & causing stomach problems/ulcers….
    Patch has IBD & suffers with Acid Reflux so he cant take no meds for Arthritis..

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