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    amy R

    I have a 1 y/o pit mix. He has extreme food allergies, and we just got his results back. He cannot have GRAIN, WHEAT, OAT, PEAS, SWEET POTATOES, RICE, CANOLA OIL OR PEPPERMINT.

    Those items are in almost every dog food i’ve searched. If anyone has any clue what dog food has limited ingredients that DOES NOT include anything on the list above… please let me know!!!

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    If he is not intolerant to chicken look into Wysong Epigen 90

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    What kind of test showed these results? Just curious, because certain tests (saliva) are not always accurate and tend to show intolerances to just about everything listed from what I have heard.
    Have you consulted a dermatologist and had IDT (intradermal skin testing) to rule out environmental allergies?
    PS: If you use the search engine here you may find some helpful tips /forums/search/allergies/
    I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed.

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    amy R

    I will check those out, Thank you!
    He had a saliva and skin testing. But he has reacted bad to all of those things I listed, and a few other things. The vet had him on Z/D and that didn’t work well for him either. I’m not sure what else. We have another dermatologist test for a blood test, but I was hoping to try and solve it before I spend $400 on a test that checks for mostly all environmental testing..

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    Intradermal Skin Tests
    “An intradermal skin test involves the injection of a small amount of antigen into your dog’s skin. This procedure is most often performed by a veterinary dermatologist or pet allergy specialist. Here’s how the process works”.

    “First, your dog will be administered a mild sedative, and a 4”x8” area on their side (near the armpit) will be shaved – so it is easy to see the skin. Next, the Dr. will inject small doses of a wide variety of common, regional antigens into their skin”.

    The above test is what I’m talking about, I never did the blood test. The specialist told me that IDT is the most accurate for identifying environmental allergies (which is often the problem).
    It does not test for food allergies/intolerances.

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    Alex p

    There are many theories as to why pets develop food allergies, and there’s probably some truth to all of them.

    We know allergies are the result of an immune system overreaction which only develops after repeated exposure to potential allergens.

    Many people believe the whole thing started with the “never switch your pet’s food” directive CEOs of major pet food companies began promoting 50 or so years ago as a way to gain brand loyalty.

    Certainly feeding your pet the same food every day, year after year, for many years will increase the chances of your animal reacting to a component in the food.

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    Juanita B

    My American Pit Bull Terrier has allergies too.

    I have head wonders on Zignature (go to chewy.com and read the reviews) but it has peas in it and my dog quit itching but there is a lot of alfala for my dog. He is 2 1/2 now and has allegories since he was a puppy so I know what you are going through. I was just advised by a nutritionist to try Origen Tundra and all food must have absolutely no chicken of any type and no eggs. She also mentioned Acana Lamb and Apple but that has canola oil in it and that is made from a toxic plant. http://breathing.com/articles/canola-oil.htm

    Go to http://www.orijen.ca/products/dog-food/dry-dog-food/tundra/ Don’t just go by the ingredients below; look at everything such an amino acids and other ingredients. I do not see anything your dog is allegeric to except peas but that is not on the top five ingredients. My dog is very sensitive and picky and he loves this especially with the freeze dry crumbled on it. I also add Answer’s raw goat’s milk which is supposed to help allegories. I don’t know the results yet. It has only been one week. I have noticed that his stool is better.

    Goat*, venison*, mutton*, bison*, whole arctic char*, rabbit*, duck*, whole steelhead trout*, whole pilchard*, whole alaskan cod*, goat meal, venison meal, alaskan cod meal, mutton meal, blue whiting meal, red lentils, green peas, duck fat, herring meal, pollock meal, garbanzo beans, yellow peas, alfalfa, dried kelp, pumpkin*, squash*, cod liver*, goat tripe*, goat liver*, mutton liver*, mutton tripe*, venison liver*, venison tripe*, carrots*, spinach*, apples*, pears*, cranberries*, freeze-dried elk liver, freeze-dried venison liver, freeze-dried bison liver, freeze-dried goat liver, zinc proteinate, mixed tocopherols (preservative), juniper berries, rose fruit, dandelion root, elder flowers, marigold, dried chicory root, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product.

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    Juanita B

    Go to AllergicPet.com A lot of positive results for all types of issues. I use the oil and spray on my dog and it helps but I just use it on his paws. There is also a powder to put in the food. Review. You might like it. All natural ingredients.


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