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    Vicki B

    My dogs have been on Acana free range chicken for the years I have had them…. but…. it has changed and with the lawsuit….. not trusting them so much anymore. My labs hair has been shedding ALOT more than normal and the Boxer has been throwing up/pudding poop. Had blood drawn on him and exray and all seems o.k…….I have switched my boxer to Merrick grain free lamb and he loves it…. but his poop tends to be softer….. not as firm as expected most of the time. Now I hear about issues with high calcium in Merrick… whats that about???

    I have been think Zignature, although I know they have not been around that long…. just not sure what to try. I want to keep them healthy ……. Suggestions please……

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    joanne l

    Hi Vicki do you need to feed grain free? If not Holistic Select is a good food, they have grain free also if you need it. I don’t like Zignatures but that’s just me, it has too many peas and too much fiber for my dog.

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    Hi Vicki,

    just becareful with Zignature it’s a high legume diet, they’re finding that high legume diets have been blocking the dog from absorbing Taurine & a few dogs have ended up with DCM who ate Zignature Kangaroo, Acana formula’s was another bad brand high in legumes, I’ll post the f/b group & its list is in their files below
    Kangaroo, Venison, Bison are all expensive meats these pet food companies looks for cheaper alternative & add Lentils, Chickpeas to up the protein % & add less meat proetin & more plant proteins..

    Make sure you rotate your dog foods every 3months so your dog isnt eating the same brand & ingredients 24/7…

    Have you looked at Freeze Dried dry foods like “BIXBI Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dry Dog food”
    & wet foods instead of feeding a dry processed kibble or rotate & feed a few different foods this is what I do with my boy, he has IBD & Food Sensitivities, rotating foods has strenghtened his immune system & now after 5yrs rotating he can eat anything as long as it doesnt have any ingredients he is sensitive too..

    “Taurine-Deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy” f/b group

    Once you have joined look in “Files” 2nd & 3rd PDF link called “2018-09-14 Copy of Diet and Taurine.pdf” the
    Light Orange = DCM or CHF w/o low Taurine; diet related.

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