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    I am in the process of weaning my Aussie shepherd that is around 1 years old from the old food to the new food. The last brand was a “no no” for him and made him have loose/soft stool and vomiting. He also went 4 to 5 times a day. I started the new transition on Oct 3rd and did full cup of old and half of a cup of new twice a day. I did this for three days because he was doing so well on it. I then changed it too one full cup of new food and half of a cup of old food twice a day. I also mixed a little bit of water and wet food. So far, he loves the food. And there has been no vomiting or him being gassy. But, since I started the transition on integrating new food he went from 4 to 5 times a day to 2 maybe 3 times a day? Is this normal with the new food? His stool is not hard but isn’t fully soft… like brown/ half hard/ half soft. I am just curious if this is normal? I can already tell a difference in his coat. He seems more playful and happy and more active but I am just wondering why there isn’t much of a change in his stool and how he went from 4 to 5 times a day to 2 to maybe 3? Is it because I am still feeding him the old food?

    PS. I did the half and half for two weeks before when I was weaning him off shelter food to old brand and he did fine it’s just the shelter and old food was low quality and a no no for him because he didn’t like it nor settle well with him. I am currently trying to switch him over to Pure Balance which had good reviews and good star quality.

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    Hi Kayla, I would stop his old kibble tomorrow & just put him on the new kibble now, 2-3 poos is OK ur still adding the old food, as soon as you have him on the new food things should get better if the new food agrees with him also is he on a good dog probiotic, that helps when changing kibbles.. My boy has stomach/bowel problems & Ive had him on a probiotic now for over 1 year now, It helps Ive noticed..
    My boy is on 3 cups of kibble a day & he does 3 poos a day..But when he was just on his vet prescription diet kibble he was only doing 2 poos a day, so it depends on what brand of kibble you feed how many poos they do…. I’ve found, after 4-5 days on the new food his poos should firm up if the kibble agrees with him,
    I dont bother with the stars, as all dogs are different & high protein foods get the 5 stars, My boy is on the Wellness Simple the higher protein Simple kibble gets 5 stars but the Duck & Lamb which is a lower protein only get 3 stars but it agrees with my dog & he’s not vomiting or sloppy poos..so I dont pay to much attention to stars, as long as the ingredients aren’t high lighted in red then I wouldnt be feeding that food…anything with 3-5 stars is Ok. if this food ur trying doesnt firm up his poos up, whats the point of 5 star kibble… I tried about 5-6 kibbles before I found the Wellness Simple thank-God…also try not to add any new foods while transforming to new kibble just in case cause you wont know what has upset his tummy if it happens…Good-Luck sounds like he’s happy, Whats his name?? I forget on the Wellness Simple it says to give 2 &1/2 cups of kibble for my dogs weight, Patch lost weight, so now I have to add 1/2 cup more so keep an eye on his weight..

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    It sounds like the old food had a LOT of fiber in it or some other indigestable matter. That’s why so many stools. Since his stool is kind of half and half, I would not all of a sudden stop the old food, unless it is truly a problem, but I might add probiotics for a couple weeks. You may be overfeeding the new food, that can cause loose stools. Did you check its calorie count compared to what you were feeding?

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