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    shannel h


    is this dog brand good? http://www.realpet.co.za/products/omega-adult-premium

    and theres this one for puppies http://www.realpet.co.za/products/omega-puppy-all-breed

    any help would be appreciated 😀

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    Hi, Omega Adult has Yellow Maize (Corn) then wheat bran then it says fat & oil blend & names 7 oils & fats, no good….next ingredient is Sorghum another grain then maize gluten no good, then chicken digest which is another name for chicken by-products feet, heads, becks, everything we don’t eat…Omega Puppy started off good with Ostrich, ground rice then bad yellow maize, Chicken, Maize Gluten, sorghum, wheat bran, then the fat & oil blend with 7 different oils & fats, I’ve never heard of Salmon Oil powder….

    …… if you scroll down you will see Acana, Orijen, Earthborn Holistic or Pro Pac Ultimates they are better quality kibbles then the Omega Adult & Omega Puppy…
    Earthborn Holistic & Pro Pac Ultimates are made by the same company & have never had any recalls…… here’s Pro Pac Ultimates Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice & all their kibbles..

    Is your puppy a large breed pup cause the Pro Pac Ultimates 12kg is a cheaper kibble with good ingredients or the Pro Pac has a Puppy Kibble Chicken & Brown Rice.. when you click on the link hover over “Natural Dog Food” & all their flavours will come up….

    Orijen & Acana are really good kibbles BUT expensive……

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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