Is there a food comparable to rx low fat dry food?

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    Ryan K

    My dog recently had a bout of gastritis and the vet put him on Hills ID low fat canned dog food. They x-rayed his stomach and noticed the lining was inflamed. While his main issue has dissipated I tend to think that these Hills rx diets seem to make my dog uncomfortable. He seems irritable when he eats them. He was on ZD a while ago and it made him act…odd. He wouldn’t sleep. He seemed more restless and uncomfortable. I got him off that and went through a period of trying to find the right food for him. I got him onto Nutro small bites Lamb and that has been working well until this gastritis issue. Should I just go back to that? The vet told me to try the ID dry dog food but I almost feel like that will just result in the same reaction for him for some reason. Someone once mentioned there might be too many Omega oils in the formulas by Hill…I’m not sure if that is the issue or not. Anyway, I am wondering if I need to just get him back to the Nutro or if I should be looking into something with less fat? I feel like my vet just wants to sell the rx foods they have and there is no other suggestion from them as to what to feed him.

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    Hope this helps

    I would continue to work with your vet, continue the prescription diet… least till the dog has been stable for a few months.

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    What percentage fat is your vet looking for? Ask him to detail what in the foods he wants to see to help his issue

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