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    I feed Taste of the Wild to my 9 month old Doberman. He is not my first Dobie but I noticed that he is very hiper since a few month, he was on Blue Buffalo but I had to stop because he got diarrhea from it. Can anyone. Give me some info, thanks

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    If you fed BB Life Protection formulas, then it could be the higher protein in the Taste of the Wild. Not that TOW is a low carb food, but it is a bit less than BB.

    I’m in no way saying you should switch back, as dogs should be on a high protein/low carb/no grain diet IMO. Just sounds like you have a hyper dog. LOL, sorry

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    Hound Dog Mom

    If a 9 month old dog wasn’t hyper I’d be suspicious something was wrong with the dog! Get him on an exercise/play regimen appropriate for his age. Being that he’s not full grown yet you won’t want to do any heavy physical activity, but you could certainly walk him daily, take him swimming, do play dates with other dogs, etc. I have a 7 yo. senior, a 2 yo. adult and a 8 mo. puppy – all have an exercise/play schedule. As long as they get their scheduled exercise and play time they are calm and we can all peacefully coexist in the house. If not, they come close to tearing the house down – they’ll start wrestling in the house, get destructive, etc. My senior generally goes for 2 walks per day (45 min. – 1 hr. per walk). My 2 year old goes for two walks a day as well (I walk them together) and 3 afternoons a week we just go by ourselves (leave the other two) and do a 6 mile jog. My pup goes for 1 walk per day. I have a fenced in yard and all three go outside for a few hours every day late morning – early afternoon and do free play. I try to bring them to the state forest on weekends when it’s not hunting season and they’re allowed to run free.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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